Touchabl: Shopping Made Easy

As technology keeps evolving with time, more and more innovators are always seeking out new ways to engage users with online content. Imagine having a platform that allows you to search and shop for consumer products randomly found in pictures by simply touching them, even when the names of those items are unknown.

That is what the team at Touchabl has launched.

The team at Touchabl has collaboratively worked on an object detection algorithm for more than 5 years. According to the co-founder of Touchabl, the app is made for Nigeria and for the world.

He also claims that Touchabl is arguably the most advanced artificial intelligence project in Africa in the area of computer vision.


Cynthia shares a photo on her social media timeline, and her followers and friends see the photo.

Jessica, a friend of Cynthia who has seen the photo, wants to learn more about the pretty looking red shoe she saw Cynthia wearing in the picture.
Now, instead of starting a conversation about the shoe, which might take a long time to get a useful response, all Jessica has to do is touch the part of the photo where the red shoe is, and viola, all the information about the shoe is given to her. She will also see similar results like the one she touched in the result generated by Touchabl. Then she can either buy it or bookmark it for later.
Touchabl captures and stores Jessica’s touch and it does the same for other users.

The app measures what people touch and record what they touched. Advertising companies can use this to target customers by marking what parts of their ads are touched.

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