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Time Management Techniques for Busy Working Women

Women have come a long way from being stifled with few household responsibilities. More attributes have been added to their general perceived personality. Women are financially independent, strong, and bearing more responsibilities outside of their homes. They are educated, loving, gentle, and caring. A typical working woman has more responsibilities than just household tasks. For them, every day is a new challenge. Managing time for women is very crucial because, without proper organization and planning, things could fall out of balance. A well-structured time management technique with adequate effort solves most of their challenges.

Prioritization is key to achieve a balance between work and personal life. Below are some time management techniques you can adopt.

1. Be an early riser:

Prepare for an entire day by waking up early and set aside the thoughts of work. Order everything according to priority. this will help you to have more time to do other things which may not be as important. The benefit of waking up early is that you will have enough time to plan out an entire day. You will have time to finish tasks mapped out and postpone activities that cannot be done that same day.

2. Save time:

The speed you use to complete chores or tasks at home can help you save time in the early hours of the day. as much as you can be time conscious, save any time you can by doing things quicker. You can save time by preparing easy meals and multi-tasking.

3. Memorandum for weekend chores:

Some things are better left for less busy days of the week. Shopping for home supplies during weekdays can increase your tasks and consume valuable time. Set reminders for all the things you need to get during the weekend. It will help you keep things in order, and you can leverage technology and apps to make it easier.

4. Be accountable for your job:

Separating work tasks from home-related chores if you want your colleagues or even your boss to trust your competence. Do not give anyone the chance to point fingers at you for not doing your job because you were overwhelmed by household issues. You can check up on household matters during your break or free time.

5. Pre-planning:

Prepare for the next day before it comes. In the evenings or just before you go to bed, think about what the next day’s meals will be or how your entire day will take you from one place to another. it is essential to do this and not get caught up with issues that could’ve been avoided.

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6. Avoid procrastination:

As much as you intend to save time by doing needful things first, do not form a procrastinating habit. Postponing tasks can hamper your time management process. Align your work according to their significance.

7. Say no:

Being polite to coworkers and friends fosters a good relationship between you and them. But it can ruin so many plans you have made if you don’t know when and how to refuse some requests. As much as you want to help out, remember to prioritize while doing so.

8. Ask for help:

Working from home or from wherever you may be can be daunting if you have to do it all alone. There is nothing wrong in asking for help from a family member, your spouse, or friends.

9. Personal and private moments:

Value your personal time. It is not always one form of labor to the next, you need time to unwind and rest. However you choose to spend time alone to recuperate is entirely up to you. If you want to hang out with friends or family, that’s your choice. The important thing is that you take a personal break away from all the work. The more you prioritize, you will find it easier to do these things with less effort.

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