Merry Glitter Christmas

Sparks Fly For Christmas: 7 Ideas For A Glittery Christmas Outfit

Christmas is here and we have some suggestions for you to add some spark to your celebration. Literarily!

The trend of shiny outfits goes way back but if history is anything to go by then you know recycling the timeline of fashion always commands respect. But that’s not the only reason why you should consider glittering up your outfits this season. Another reason is the fact that you’re almost always guaranteed to stand out with the right amount of sparkles.

So let’s check out a couple of ideas for a sparkly Christmas.


  • Sequin Dress:  You’ve heard about the Little black dress. How about the Little Sequin Dress (LSD) *Lol* A sequin shift dress is just perfect for that december night out with friends. Warning: Take easy on the jewelry or discard them even when going with a sequin dress. We don’t want people to confuse your outfit with the christmas lights. 
  • Bedazzled Jacket: Now this is straight up old school but chic. A bedazzled denim jacket will help cover your shoulders up if needed and most importantly, keep the eyes on you. (If you don’t trust us, you should at least trust Kanye and the flossy possy in the movie Girls’ Trip)
  • Sequinned Blazer: For an even more boss chick look, try a sequined blazer on a plain white shirt. Muah!!!


  • Sequined Shoes: Whether it’s sequined sneakers with a pair of jeans for brunch your buddies or Sequined platform heels with some sleek jewelry to go to the club, you are on track.
  • Glitter Jewelry: We have to talk about the most basic and classy way to add sparks to your look. If you want to play it safe and clean, you can always go for a simple statement neck piece and earrings, or bold bracelet on a  simple dress.
  • Glitter Hair: Glitter on your hair can easily seem too much so you have to be the bold type to try it. Warning: do not do this with a heavy make up. Also, make sure you mix your glitter with some hair gel to avoid making a trail of glitter everywhere you go.
  • Glitter Make up: This is easily one of the most common of the list so we don’t need to say too much.


Enough said. Let’s get to shopping and make this happen.

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