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How to Save Mobile Internet Data Your Android Phone

Over the past few years, mobile internet data use has skyrocketed. The apps we rely on have become hungrier for internet data. These apps are frequently pushing out their new app versions for updates and more. It has been a long time since the majority of the web was made up of text. Now there is more media content to stream and download than ever before. Social media platforms have taken advantage of the trend to integrate services like streaming as part of their newer features.

All these new changes will take a toll on your mobile internet data if you have no control over the things your phone does with your data. And because of these new changes in the media, reducing mobile data usage is difficult. So, what ways can you use your mobile data without burning so much? Below is a list of tested approaches for you to take to reduce your mobile internet consumption.

Restrict App background data

Some apps on your phone have no regard for what you want them to do or not do. They continuously run behind everything else and use up data even when they aren’t in use. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is actually a useful android feature for Android phones that helps to monitor the phone’s processes. However, there aren’t many apps that need to stay active at all times. To disable this, go to Settings>>Data Usage and disable the apps you want.

Tap on the app you want to disable to see the statistics for that app. Check the foreground and the background data. The foreground data is data consumed when the app is active. The background data is data used when the app is inactive. If you notice that the background data is too high, then tap on “Restrict app background data.”


Use data compression in Chrome

Google Chrome is a favorite browser for Android which supports a lot of rich features. And in addition to this, it comes with an in-built compressor that reduces data compression for Android. The Google Chrome compression routes all the web browsing through Google’s servers. Then Googles takes the website’s data and compresses it, optimising it for smaller screens like your device.

To activate this feature, tap on the settings icon (three-dotted icon) in the browser window. Tap Settings>>Data Saver.


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Only update your apps through a wifi connection

This is another way people usually lose data on their mobile devices. Disabling automatic app updates in the Play Store is an efficient way of reducing mobile internet data consumption.

To disable this, go to the Play Store app, and tap on Menu>>Settings>>Auto-update apps. Or, you could choose “Do not auto-update apps,” But note that you will have to update your apps from time to time manually.


Limit streaming services with mobile internet data

As much as we want to enjoy all the best things on the internet, media content consumes a lot of data. Streaming videos and music, as well as looking at high-quality images are quite heavy for mobile internet use. Try to avoid doing these things when using mobile data. Spending a couple of minutes or hours on YouTube eats up more than data than you have possibly calculated for. So, if you must stream on YouTube, reduce the resolution of the video you want to see.


Watch your account syncing settings

Getting news and new push notifications to your device means that your phone is always connecting to a server looking for new things to display. Understand that a lot of the apps on your phone are set to synchronize by default.


Save offline content for later

Not everything on the internet requires internet to be accessed at all times. Sometimes, you are at liberty to save yourself a lot of data by caching stuff for later. Instead of using internet data to revisit a particular page over and over, you could simply cache it or save it for later.


You have to be actively responsible for the amount of data you use on a daily basis. Using these tips will help you enjoy your internet use while spending data responsibly and carefully.


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