Reviewing Skinny Girl In Transit Season 4

Reviewing Skinny Girl In Transit Season 4

There are not so many web series that can hold their audience spellbound episode after episode. But Skinny Girl In Transit has continuously found a way to keep us entertained. It tastes like that big bowl of ice cream in the fridge. The intent is to eat it gradually but every cup leaves you wanting more. Every trip to the fridge is tiring but the taste of the ice cream eventually makes it worth it. You continue this way until the bowl is empty and you are left with mixed feelings.

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SGIT is a story of a plus size girl and her journey in finding love. The characters in this series are all familiar. Tiwa is the regular girl who is always trying to lose weight and find the perfect man for her. Mama Tiwa, the average overzealous and religious Nigerian mother who wants her daughters to get married. Shalewa the sister or a friend with a killer body and know how to slay with it. Didi, Mide, Wosilat and even Derin are all people we know in our lives.

Skinny Girl In Transit; What More To Expect?

The previous seasons we followed Tiwa in her weight loss journey and the different men tried to win her heart but this seaon focuses on the love she has with Mide. It seemed like a match made in heaven until a series of events created a web of lies for Tiwa. She gets entangled and refuses to listen to reason until it comes all crashing down on her. She finally opens up creating a vacuum between the lovebirds. We see the importance of forgives which makes love prevail and finally, Tiwa may just be walking down the aisle soon as a bride.

As usual Ndani Tv pulled out their best to ensure directing, sound, makeup and even wardrobe was top notch. The dialogue was easy and seamless. But let’s be honest, we love SGIT but season 4 was just a long storyline that dragged for 12 episodes. I did enjoy the usual cliffhangers that leave you waiting for the next Friday. Some scenes dragged on for so long giving some episodes moments of boredom but it was quick to pick up again. Special shout out to Shalewa’s wardrobe. from the first episode to this last one she gave us goals to attain. The music on this season though deserves the biggest credit. It fits seamlessly like it was created just for it.

SGIT had a good run but I am not expecting a season 5. Ndani should know when to stop. I am however expecting another amazing web series.


Who is your favorite SGIT character? 

Mine is Mama Tiwa- she never fails to crack me up everytime. 

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