How Nigerian Themed Parties Are A Failure

How Nigerian Themed Parties Are A Failure

Today on celebrity style review we would be talking about the failure that is themed parties in Nigeria. Some people say it is borrowed culture but abeg I beg to differ. The grammar just changed as usual. When it is time for the moonlight dance, no one comes out wearing the usual cloth they wear to the stream or a wedding attire. Every occasion calls for its type of attire.

So why are themed parties a failure then? It is simply our ova sabi dey cause am.

The most anticipated movie of the year- The wedding party 2 (come and bit me if you don’t agree) premiered this week and had a theme- Arabian night. It was a no-brainer, something to spice up the premier, boost publicity, after all, it was shot in Dubai. But what was to be a night of style and glam turned out to be a colossal failure. But it the media any publicity is publicity.

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Our Case Study- The Wedding Party 2 Premiere

We got to know that our celebrities have stylists who don’t know how to use their search engines. And we also got to know that when they visit Dubai all they do is stay in their overpriced hotel and order room service and take pictures for the gram.

I don’t want to rant. But if teenagers and comic lovers could turn a comic con into a delight with their costumes. Why can’t these ones? We were sha entertained.

When you are invited to a costume event all it should take you is a little time to do a bit of research and you would be surprised how something in your wardrobe can save you from an embarrassment.

Don’t do oversabi and think up something in your head and decide it is good to go. These ones just turned out an Arabian themed event to a Bollywood event. Toke Makinwa even made a video with an Indian song. The only thing left out was a choreographed dance.

Yes, there were laughable attires but we should also appreciate the ones who did their research. The guys did not do bad and amongst the female, we had champions like Ini Idinma Okojie, Ireti Doyle, Sola Sobowale, Linda Ejiofor and very few others.

To crown this we shall leave you with pictures of our worst dressed.

Celebrity Style Review; The Wedding Party 2 Arabian Night Premiere

Celebrity Style Review; The Wedding Party 2 Arabian Night Premiere

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