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New Year Resolutions You Can Achieve With Your Phone

As we begin the new year, a lot of us will be vowing to improve our lives and situations by doing some things more or less than others with new year resolutions. Your phone will have an important role to play in helping you get what you want from the new year. How you use your mobile devices in the new year could determine the success or failure of your plans to improve. Below are a few tech-related oaths your phone can help you achieve.

Get Fitter

Fitbits or other activity trackers do not directly induce weight loss. If you plan to lose weight in 2018, you actively have to do some work. These trackers can be your best companion when you are going out for some for a run. They are an excellent choice for exercise, and they encourage you to put more effort to get fit. You can get an app like Fitbit to help you monitor your progress as you go.

Eat healthier

Spending hours doing busy work can drain you leaving you with very little energy to do much afterward. Having a healthy diet is something everyone needs if they want to be in peak form. There are a lot of apps that make this easier to manage.

You can find apps with a lot of recipes for a balanced diet which are easy to prepare and good for your body. This is an ideal way to plan your meals quicker on your way home without having to eat outside. You could also get apps like calorie counter that help you identify what you consume

Be more organized

If you have to struggle to remember everything you have planned out, including random one that comes without warnings, an app might be the solution you need. For starters, there is a good chance that your smartphone has a reminder app inside of it. It could be in the form of a To-Do list app to manage the time for activities. If you don’t like the default app in your phone, you can download a new app or use Google Assistant. As part of your new year resolutions, you can educate yourself on how Google Assistant works and use it to improve efficiency.

Be better with your money

Managing finances can be a source of stress. It is a sensible idea to know your financial monthly incomings and outgoings. You can budget your money in an excel feature to see how to coordinate expenditures. If you have that under control, then look towards buying our some investments.

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Make backups of your photos, videos, and music

Losing your photos and other media through viruses or damages can be a severe blow. A lot of what we do every day at work is now digitized. Don’t fall victim to the dreaded experience of losing such data. Use Google Photos and Google Drive to back up your important photos and media files.

Strengthen your digital security 

Hacking appears to be on the rise, and it is becoming increasingly important to protect out gadgets and online accounts. You owe it to yourself to protect your digital reputation and online integrity. Use long passwords for every item that needs password protection. Do not make it set up weak passwords. The longer the password, the better and stronger the security.

New year resolutions exist because we want to do things a little different to see positive results. The phones we carry about daily will help you achieve what you want.

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