Movie Review; The Wedding Party 2 & Its Soggy Taste

Movie Review; The Wedding Party 2 & Its Soggy Taste

I honestly do not know how to start this review. I am torn between worlds, the balance between disappointed and just ok.

After the undisputable success that was the wedding party 1, the hype and buzz about the sequel totally heightened and even surpassed the prequel. Everything about the movie made the news. From casting to the change in director and plot setting. TWP 2 is finally out and still expensive in the cinemas. But for this review, we would not do the usual discussion so hold your device tight and read

6 Reasons We Don’t Like The Wedding Party 2

1. Zero chemistry; I wonder what the people who complained about the lack of chemistry between Dunni(Adesuwa Etomi) and Dozie (Banky W) would say when they see the sequel. Nonso (Enyinna Nwigwe and Diedre (Daniella Down) could easily pass as friends and not couple madly in love with each other. The only person who helped their matter was Diedre cheerful disposition. However, we do appreciate that we were allowed to follow their love story and the relatable uncertainties that can come with being in a relationship.

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2. Unnecessary characters; I guess the many cameo appearances was to ensure the movie lived up to its hype but abegi. It was a tad too much. Characters like Wofai, Zainab Balogun (wonu), Iya Michael (who appeared in the script and credit), Saka, Chiwetal Agu, Frank Donga (Harrison), Rosie (Beverly Naya) and even almighty Patience Ozokwor. This movie would have done much better without these many appearances that did little or nothing to move the story forward.

Movie Review; The Wedding Party 2 & Its Soggy Taste

3.Fuss about the traditional engagement; This was one part of the story that got me thinking. I have seen people who get married to white girls come to Nigeria for a traditional engagement. Which never made sense to me as I see it as unnecessary. But to see this on screen and make it look like a norm was a worry. And then the confusion with the attire of Diedre and her family wearing the Yoruba traditional outfit all through.

A few minutes should have worked to allow her to change into an Igbo attire after the said agreement between the two families. The person who wrote this scene should be given a knock on the head, the director also should have know better or was there no Igbo person amongst the cast to show the error with Felix Onwuka collecting the cup with the money when it should have been Diedre father. Let me rest before I start with the music.

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4. Character Overcompensation; Do not get me wrong, Tinuade Coker is always a delight to see in both installations of the wedding party. Tin Tin (Shola Shobowale) was the highlight of tWp2 and so they had to ensure her character remained strong but it ended up being overcompensated.  She started off with lines intended at humor and became too involved in a wedding that wasn’t hers to plan. Her energy, however, remained so it is hard not to like her character. I have a question though? what was Bam Bam (Ali Baba) doing in this movie again?


5. Continuity; See eh I don’t want to laugh because it is not funny. Yes TWP is a feel-good movie. Just pay #1,500 and have a good laugh. But this is 2017 and there is fuel scarcity so our senses are heightened. This minute they are wearing bathrobes planning an intervention and the next they are fully dressed with makeup done. I was beginning to think Dubai had the same traffic Lagos had with the time difference during the wedding ceremony and visiting the hospital. E go dey alright.


6. The idea of a TWP 3; The idea that there may be a third installation is worrisome. This might be us getting paranoid but the chemistry brewing between Shola (Ikechukwu) and Yemisi (Somkele Idhalama) was glaring enough. I do hope they do not play deaf like AY. We do not need a wedding party 3.

Movie Review; The Wedding Party 2 & Its Soggy Taste

7. I know the post read 6 reasons but the 7th one is more of the reason we loved it. After Isoken gave us an Oyibo that can act, TWP2 gave us another Oyibo that can act and be funny at the same time.

The shine of this movie goes to George Winston(Michael de Pinna), for not trying too hard but yet embracing his character so well that he gave us several moments of real laughter.


The wedding party two tastes like a well-crisped chicken that goes soggy once it enters the mouth.



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