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Girls’ Night Ideas For You and Girlfriends

If you struggle to remember the last time you pampered yourself, then you are long overdue of an upgraded level of relaxation. So, put take time out of your busy schedule, invite your girlfriends over for a girl’s night ladies who need a break. Here are a couple of girls’ night ideas you can try for your next meet.


Spa Nights

The bags underneath your eyes are a harsh reminder of how little time we spend indulging ourselves.  Invite the ladies to come over for some much-needed pampering. Give each other manicures and talk about things you normally wouldn’t because of your family or colleagues.

Movie Marathon

Who else will sit with you to enjoy all the things you wanted to do as a group of more than two persons? Ready some popcorn and dim the lights. Spend an entire evening watching movies with people who relate to and appreciate the kinds of movies and a heartwarming love story.

Themed Night

Reach into your closet and bring out something to turn into a themed event. Your themed event could be like something from a movie you’ve seen before or from an era in time. Dress up and make an evening of it like an 80’s or 90’s themed party.

Book Club

If your friends love reading books as much as you do, you can create your little book club for yourselves. Hold meetings for an engaging evening. If you have girlfriends who do not read as much as you, invite them over for free food so they’ll have an opportunity to get out of their houses too.

Game Night

There are a number of games you and your girlfriends might enjoy. Pick a game or a few games you and the girls can play every other evening. Make a little competition out of it where the winner gets a prize.

Cook and Eat

Countless friendships have been formed in the kitchen with recipes being shared and meals being enjoyed together. counting calories on a night like this should not be accepted. As much as you and your girlfriends are the stars of your kitchens, you can learn a little from each other in that warm environment.

Craft Night

You will never know or see how creative friends are until you have a little craft night to expose your hidden talents. Some of your friends are masters of knitting or painting. Focus your night out on those of your friends who want to learn something new. Interchange the roles of teacher and learner so everyone gets a turn to teach and learn.

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Hire a Professional

Inform your girlfriends to come and learn from a professional. Everyone will chip in to hire an instructor who will teach them a certain skill. You can do something light like dancing or something serious like self-defense.

Plan for the Next Girls’ Night

As you have more girl’s night, you may find yourselves doing things you cannot do without a little planning. So, use one of your girls’ night to plan for the next girls’ night.

From the foods you prepare and eat to the choice of entertainment, hosting a girls’ night at your friend’s house or even taking your planned rendezvous out on the town, plan well for your next girls’ night. Be open to suggestions from your friends regarding where you could go or hang out as a group. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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