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Five Nigerian Foods You Can Never Get Tired of

Just like there is no place like home, there is no food like home-made Nigerian dishes. You can find Nigerian food in some cities outside Nigeria no doubt. However, they are never as fresh as the ones cooked in Nigeria. Surprisingly, we are not the only ones who love our meals, foreigners also enjoy the mouthwatering taste of the African flavor.

Call them local, yes, but you can never get bored eating these Nigerian dishes.

1. Nkwobi

Nkwobi is one delicious Nigerian meal. It originated from the East. A fine mix of pieces of cow foot, Nkwobi is seasoned with spicy condiments like Utazi leaves, edible potash (Akanwu/Kaun/Keun), Calabash Nutmeg (ground Ehu seeds), ground crayfish, and onion as well as pepper and salt.

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2. Amala and Ewedu

The way to the heart of a Yoruba man is through Amala and Ewedu. Made from yam flour, Amala can be eaten with any other soup. However, it is best eaten served with Ewedu [made from the Corchorous leaves] and complimented with peppered stew.

3. Abacha

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AKA African Salad.

Abacha is a traditional Nigerian salad made from cassava flakes garnished with various local spices. African Salad can also be eaten white/plain with coconut or groundnut. The jollof version, however, will not be complete without Ugba [oil bean seeds]. You should try it someday.

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4. Ewa Agoyin

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Ewa Agoyin is pretty much honey beans. It is usually served alone or with either yam, bread or soaked garri. It looks similar to the regular beans but tastes better if well prepared and has a sweet lingering taste. All thanks to its special sauce.

5. Jollof Rice

Over the past few years, there has been a long standing jollof rice war between Nigerians and Ghanaians. English journalist and CNN International anchor and reporter, Richard Quest shared his jollof rice experience when he visited the country in April 2017.

Jollof rice

Photo credit: Immaculate bites

“Nigeria Nigerian jollof rice is delicious, however I ain’t getting involved in the #jollofwar,” he tweeted.

Jollof rice is probably the most served food in Nigerian events. This is due to its unique taste and simplicity in preparation. You definitely should have a taste of it if you are new to Nigerian foods.

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