Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Without Dieting

Many people try to avoid gaining weight during the holidays by doing the one thing they shouldn’t be doing: being restrictive during the most festive period of the year. All intentions towards preventing holiday weight gain are good, but it could also backfire. This is particular for holidays involving higher-than-normal stress levels and an abundance of indulgent foods. Strive for moderation balance if you don’t want to put on weight that will be difficult to shed later. At the same time, try not to dump your healthy habits.

Simple Strategies to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Try implementing these strategies to make your holiday a bit more balanced.

Stick with your regular weekly healthy habits.

Don’t be caught up in holiday activities that you forget your regular meal planning or exercise routine to fall apart. Continue to make exercises and meal planning part of what you do. Don’t stop making plans or exercising because you aren’t at work for a couple of days or weeks.

Select smaller plates.

It is common for people to dish out big portions whenever they serve their meals on bigger plates. As a result, they consume more than they normally should or wasting some of it. You can avoid serving too much for yourself by eating with smaller plates instead.

Eat only foods you love.

During festive periods, treats and sweets will likely tempt you to try things you wouldn’t normally indulge in. Eat what you must and don’t try to cheat yourself by eating anything that comes your way. Seasonal meals and treats won’t be truly enjoyable if your regret having them afterward. Consider what you eat and how you will feel about it later.


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Schedule an active event on your calendar.

Participate in an active holiday event like a race, or even plan a family hike during the holiday. If the weather is too cold outside, then do a little workout indoors like you normally would during your work weeks.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation messes with your mind and it also induces hunger. Sleeping is something healthy you can do without doing anything per se. Being sleep deprived can elevate your desire to eat.

10. Bring your healthy(ish) food to parties.

To ensure you have a healthy option during holiday gatherings, always carry your own healthy food to parties. Within a short period of time, you can have your healthy foods ready to go. You won’t have to eat unhealthy treats if you don’t want to.


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Small steps like these taken over a period of time can make a lot of difference if you have consistency. You can make small changes to your own preference like substituting water for soda. It depends on the goals you want to achieve.

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