A Homage To Foods That Are Ignored On Christmas Day

A Homage To Foods That Are Ignored On Christmas Day

Finally, the long-awaited Christmas day is here. Yes, we survived the recession and will survive the current fuel scarcity. With all the bad things that have happened to us this year, we must find reasons to celebrate. Celebrations come with food and partying. Different kinds of animals would be slaughtered for the pleasure of our taste buds and bellies. May we please observe a minute silence for the dearly departed.

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Most families would have a busy kitchen right now cooking a lot of delicacies. But I do not care about that. What I am bothered about are foods that would be ignored today.

A Homage To Foods That Are Ignored On Christmas Day

1 BEANS: First of all I think a lot of people have a wrong perception about beans. Some people think it is poor peoples food because of the little involved in preparing it. Well, time isn’t a luxury in the preparation of this food, unless you have a pressure pot of using firewood. Beans have this succinct taste that cannot be ignored. The fact that it is highly nutritious makes it above its peers. But No! we have decided to let rice take the crown. Beans can be eaten is several ways- with bread, with garri and even with pap. Moi Moi is a 4th descendant of beans and should not be rated above it. Do you people have no respect for elders anymore?



2. Yam: This thing we do is not fair at all. Have you seen the struggle yam goes through to become what it eventually is?. We allow to germinate then plant and then harvest. Pile in dusty lorries and when it gets to us we toss it aside and peel it with sharp knives. Now, this is painful on its own. But what is more painful is that we do not remember yam during festivities. Which isn’t fair. Just imagine asaro (yam pottage) with its beautiful golden puree. Or fried/boiled yam with egg sauce. Yam is beautiful and must be allowed to celebrate with us.

A Homage To Foods That Are Ignored On Christmas Day

3. Bread: Bread’s case is a very emotional one. Bread is like that guy that has your back at all times. Even in the middle of the night when you wake up hungry. You reach out for it and yank some into your mouth. But in the good times, we would abandon Mr. Bread. The heart of man is indeed wicked. No sandwiches, toast etc on festive seasons and celebrations. Bread is our friend and it is totally unfair that have betrayed him abi her. Even Jesus used Bread during the Passover feast. And Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Nawa o

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We have therefore set up a go fund me account to raise money. The money is to pay for Festus Keyamo’s legal fees. This is a food right violation and we must all stand together to fight for neglected food.

Merry Christmas To You All



ps: I still like rice and meat, please drop your house address so I can visit.

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