Traveling In Style? Take These 4 Essential Beauty Products

Just because you’re going abroad doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good. If anything, seeming stylish is as important when you travel than at home. What with bed head because of a long flight and sweaty clothes, traveling can be harsh on your appearance. Packing home appliances and products isn’t the answer because they are bulky and too high-maintenance. So, what should a stylish fashionista pack for a long trip? Below are four products that no self-respecting style icon should be without on holiday.


Dry Shampoo  Traveling Style? Take 4 Essential Beauty Products 

Let’s face it – there isn’t time to shampoo and condition every single day when you’re traveling. And, when you do it’s a waste of time because of the heat and humidity. Of course, this means a lot of women have to put up with frizzy and unmanageable hair, but they don’t know about dry shampoo. All you have to do is apply to your hair when you wake up and it should look as good as new. For the best results follow a dry shampoo guide or the instructions on the back of the bottle. A word of warning: take as many bottles as possible as some countries don’t sell it.

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Travel HairdryerTraveling Style? Take 4 Essential Beauty Products

Washing your hair every day is too much, but it needs cleaning once in awhile. Come on; you don’t want to look like a scarecrow on vacation. A brush is an excellent way to get rid of the knots, yet it’s only the first step. To stop your hair from regressing when it dries, you need to apply heat. Not only will it dry quicker and in the style of your choice, but it adds volume too. A regular hair dryer won’t get through security in this day and age, which is why a travel size one is a perfect option.

Of course if you have natural Afro-Caribbean hair, this does not apply to you. While traveling, relax and let nature help you dry your hair.

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A Quality RazorTraveling Style? Take 4 Essential Beauty Products

The weather is going to be warm, which means the legs will get a lot of airtime. It’s nice when everything is silky smooth, but frightening when hairs start to grow back. Thankfully, a quality razor will help you avoid any unnecessarily awkward faux pas on your trip. Why not buy one when abroad? It’s because cheap razors are less effective and damaging to the skin. Oh, don’t forget a good moisturizer either to keep everything fresh and supple. If you want to go one step further, you can take a waxing kit. Go on – be brave!

Travel Mani-Pedi KitTraveling Style? Take 4 Essential Beauty Products

A trip of a lifetime is unreal, but it’s also harsh on your body. From chilled nails to rough edges, it’s hard to look at your hands and feet and not wince. The good news is you don’t have to with a mani-pedi kit. Sure, it isn’t the same as visiting the spa and relaxing, but a bit of DIY never hurt anyone. With scissors, nail clippers, and a file and buffer, you can limit the damage. Plus, a pair of scissors has multiple uses, so they are a no-brainer.

With these beauty products, you will truly be traveling in style.


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