Running Low Data? Follow Steps Conserve Mobile Data

Running Low On Data? Follow These Steps To Conserve Mobile Data

Most people complain of their data getting exhausted before validity period expires.

They often times than not are the architects of their problem as they surf the internet with reckless abandon.

As a result they are always looking for the next available free Wi-Fi to browse the internet.

Luckily this doesn’t have to be the status-quo.

Here are 5 ways you can save big on your mobile cellular data.

Ditch Facebook.

Okay you may be wondering here why I have to forgo Facebook. But when I mean ditch Facebook, I don’t exactly mean do away with Facebook completely. What I am trying to say is uninstall the Facebook app and access the social network through your browser. To make it easier, you can create a shortcut of the site on your Home screen.

Using the main Facebook app is costly to your data as it runs in the background.

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Manage synced services

When you add a Google account to your Android device, it begins syncing various services also linked to your Google account.

For example when your Gmail syncs you are able to see the same messages across your devices such as your laptop and smartphone.

Issue here is syncing process in itself consumes data. That’s reason why you need to be sure all what is syncing is what you actually use. To ensure this, head to settings>accounts>Google, and unlist as many apps that may be turned on sync.

Reduce streaming quality,

You know you could save tons of data by watching a lower resolution video on YouTube and still be entertained.

Unless you’re a die-hard sucker for the 720p, 1080p and 4K high definition video quality resolutions, enabling the lowest quality setting in a video app like YouTube will likely go unnoticed.

The option to restrict preloading content or lower the overall streaming quality is possible; make sure to look through the Settings section of apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for similar options.

 Running Low Data? Follow Steps  Conserve Mobile Data

Chrome Data Saver

Google Chrome used to be notoriously known for its heavy data consumption. But these days, it has improved in that regard, enabling a data saver feature that can be turned on.  It’s even now made Opera Mini look less attractive. So ensure you do look up the feature under Settings.

Restrict background data

Though this might seem a bit extreme, it may be a good way to control cellular data usage on mobile. When activated, certain app functions will only work when connected to a free Wi-Fi.

You can always turn it back on from the Settings app -> data usage and then tapping on the menu button.

Travel Mode in Snapchat doesn’t reduce the overall quality, but it does stop the app from preloading stories and other content within the app helping to save data.

Under data usage, you get to see how the apps are consuming data over time, and adjust your usage habits and patterns accordingly.

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Store music, audio and videos offline

YouTube has provided Nigerians an option to download and watch  videos on its platform offline with YouTube, saving up your data on the go that streaming would have otherwise eaten up.

Apps like the Google Map also offers options to download areas of a map for offline navigation although Google Maps will need data to gather info like traffic reports. Movie and TV shows streaming apps like Netflix now offer download options but not for all their titles.

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