8 Cheap Ways To Organize And Make Your Office Desk Attractive

  • Purge Your Office

8 Cheap Ways To Organize And Make Your Office Desk Attractive

Every major change starts with a purge! De-clutter your space, empty, shred and get rid of literally any frivolous thing that adds no value to your productivity. Focus on one area at a time, get inspiration from magazines, pinterest and other websites on the kind of work space you’ll like to create. Take out unnecessary furniture, files, and group items according to their differently useful categories. Doing an ‘office purge’ will help you analyze the items that you need to keep or toss. Don’t miss this step.

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  • Use Fun Magnets or Push Pins

These are small ways to give your cubicle wall a little life, even if you’re not planning a full work space makeover. Opt for fun magnets and pushpins for your magnetic or cork board. It’s a simple, cheap way to make a statement. And they’re so small, that you can really get crazy with bright colors.

  • Hold Files With Decorative Bookends

If you’re reading “bookends” and thinking of an old, dusty study, shake that image from your mind. There are plenty of fresh, fashionable, and even quirky options out there that you’ll love. I promise that your books (and by books, I mean your files, manuals, and folders stuffed with endless amounts of paperwork) will look so much better sitting between something pretty.

  • Switch Out Your Mug

You know you’ll have a half-filled cup of coffee on your desk at all times anyway, so instead of using a company cup or a boring one, hold your caffeine in something that better fits your style.

8 Cheap Ways To Organize And Make Your Office Desk Attractive

  • Add a Little Interest to Your Writing Implements

Even if the rest of your desk is simple and sparse, a colorful pen will make doing your work so much more fun. Don’t believe me? Think back to middle school when you hoarded gel pens—yeah, that was amazing. You can relive that feeling every day by finding a few pens that make you smile. (And no, that free one from your dentist that showed up out of nowhere does not count.)

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  • Add Decoration to Your Boards

Instead of keeping your cork or whiteboard all business, add some trim or decoration to give it a touch of personality. It’s easy to give even the plainest schedule a little bit of life using washi tape, Sharpies, or another easy-to-clean-option. Suddenly, you won’t be (quite) so scared to see all the meetings you have coming up.


  • Organize with Colors and Labels

Choose a proper labelling and color system for your office. Take the time to label shelves, folders, bins and drawers. This labelling process helps you to put items in the right places and reduces the risk of losing important documents.

8 Cheap Ways To Organize And Make Your Office Desk Attractive

  • Have Inspirational Reminders

In order to stay constantly inspired and motivated to work, you need those reminders around your work space. Consider putting up an inspirational wall or area to remind you of your goals and dreams. It’s easy to lose motivation and get distracted by tons of work that constantly piles up. However, there are ways to stay motivated even when you don’t feel like working. Those inspirational highlights around your office can even be done with some DIY paper decorations and frames with images that remind you of your ultimate goals.

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