How To Organize Your Messy Desk In 5 Minutes

How To Organize Your Messy Desk In 5 Minutes

There is nothing as soothing as visiting your home or office and finding it neat and well kept. A disorganized desk or home can set off our mood negatively. If you go to work and find your desk in a disarray. What do you do? Do you let it dampen your mood or do you call the cleaner to its attention?

If you have to clear the desk yourself, here are easy steps to help you out. Trust me the clearing process can bring about a certain type of relief.

How To Organize Your Messy Desk In 5 Minutes

1. Start by removing everything from your desk and clean the surface.

2. Put back what you absolutely need to accomplish your job, such as the computer, a phone, and a file holder.

3.  Use containers to hold small items like pens and pencils. Everything else should be stored away in drawers. Items you use most often should be easy to reach. Seldom used supplies can be tucked away in the bottom or back of the drawers.

4. Too many personal items can be a distraction so keep those to one or two items you treasure. You can always rotate items in and out.

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5. If you have a lot of extra cords, keep them tidy or run the cords through the opening. They are always in place when you need to plug in.

6. Do you eat at your desk? Your keyboard gets filled with crumbs if you do. Even if you go out, your computer can get dusty and grimy. Fold the glue portion of a Sticky Note along its crease and run it back and forth through the keys. You’ll be amazed how much gunk it picks up.


7. Always forgetting something when you head home? Keep all the things you travel within one place. This will make your space neater and you’ll be less likely to forget things at the end of the day.

In less than 5 minutes you can start your work on a clean desk and a clean mind. These 7 steps are easy to do and in the long run, helps with effective organization. People say a messy desk means you are a genius. But I beg to disagree. A lot of clutter may slow down work in progress.

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