Don’t Be Like Trump; Here’s 7 Little Things You Can Do To Stop Global Warming

Global warming has been used so much that it feels abused, but behind all the rhetoric is the undeniable truth that our planet is melting. Ice sheets, glaciers, fixtures for so long in the ecosystem that were previously untouched are thawing, seas levels are rising. These are dangerous times my friend.

Floods in Niger State and in Makurdi, even bigger ones in Sierra Leone and Niger Republic, the US has been hit with two hurricanes in the space of one month, they all feel like manifestations of gradual death of the ozone layer.

Someone a little anecdote yesterday, about an elephant who say a bird lying on its back with its little feet up in the air. The elephant, of course, asked the little bird what it was doing. The bird replied that he had heard that the sky was going to fall down and so he was preparing to hold it up. Elephant could not control his mirth and started to laugh, “with those little feet?”, he asked.

I think we all have something to learn from this bird, do something, no matter how small it is. While others are pulling out Climate deals (laughing), you can help save our planet by doing any (or all) of the following;

1. Switch your bulbs to the energy saving variety

Kill all the yellow lights around you. Replace LED energy saving bulbs. Although they are slightly more expensive they save you money on your NEPA bill in the long run


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2. Turn those appliances off

I don’t know if this is purely a Naija thing but I’ve noticed that a lot of people feel more comfortable with the lights on during the day. Perhaps we’re so used to not having light that we can’t bear to turn it off when we finally do. However, leaving your lights on hurts both your pocket and the ozone layer, turn it off.

Also turn off your TV, AC, Water Heater, anything that you’re not using at the time. Don’t leave it on all day.

3. Drive less or carpool

Riding to work with your colleagues that live close will help. If four people take one car instead of four, your use of fuel and emission of gases is instantly reduced by a 75%.

Taking the staff bus doesn’t make you a lesser person. Help the environment.


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4. Stop collecting polythene bags with your shopping

Kenya recently joined a number of countries that have banned polythene bags. The little buggers usually end up clogging waterways and sewages, eventually, they make it to the ocean where they kill innocent fishes.

Try to collect them only when you must, otherwise carry your own bags to the store.

5. Plant a tree

Yes. Believe me you’ll enjoy watching it grow. So many benefits to have a tree. It could be for fruit, shade, gossip or bautification. Doesn’t matter, what does is that you’ll be helping the environment

Baby steps, but it’s the little things that build up.


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