How You Can Make Wearing Glasses Comfortable

How You Can Make Wearing Glasses Comfortable

Wearing glasses can sometimes be uncomfortable. From nose pinching, to behind-the-ear hurting, to slipping and sliding, to simply appearing crooked, the optometrist became my BFF when it came to eye wear adjustments. While you may not be able to wave a magic wand but there are hacks that can help you get more comfortable.

Here are four hacks you need to know

Hand Dryer

If you’re glasses are sitting too low on your nose, people will probably think you’re going for the sexy librarian look, but in reality it is just annoying. If you have plastic frames, run a hair dryer for 30 seconds over the part you want to bend and adjust. Once you do this, the plastic will soften and allow you to bend it wherever, to make the frame fit more snugly.

If you’re living that wire frame life, don’t worry. Skip the dryer and simply use your thumbs to push the nose pads closer together which will keep them snugly against the sides of your nose.

Adjust The Nose Pads

There’s nothing cute about nose pinching. If your glasses are pinching your nose, use your thumbs to spread the nose pads out until they fit comfortably. And for plastic frames, whip out that drier again and bend the nose pieces carefully outwards until they fit comfortably on the bridge of your nose.

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If you’re constantly pushing your frames up on your face, it might look like awkward. For this, you’ll need a screw driver to tighten the screws on each side of your temples. Make sure you don’t over tighten the screws though — less is definitely more when it comes to this slippery slope.


Break Out The Baby Powder

Lastly, if you’re new to the four eyed lifestyle you might find that the skin behind your ears is a bit sore or tender. Break out your baby powder bottle and apply it behind your ears daily until your skin adjusts to your new frames.


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