Co-working spaces in Port Harcourt

KoWork NG In Port Harcourt Serves As A Hotel For Businesses

Let us play a game of scenarios. If you are on twitter then you may have come across Nas Maraji’s game of scenarios. Well, it is our turn but this time you won’t have any options to choose from.

Scene 1

You are new in Port Harcourt and you need to set up an office space for your business. How do you go about this?

Scene 2

You are an entrepreneur and you need where to work from. You need to be able to hold meetings in places other than fast foods or restaurants. What do you do?

Scene 3

You live in Lagos but you need your business to have a physical presence in Port Harcourt. Do you rent a space that you would not use half of the time?


These are all valid challenges that people face but little solutions have been proffered. Sometime last month I was opportune to visit one of the hubs of KoWork NG. And I had to admit that the idea of a co-working space is brilliant. It comes off as a hotel but just for businesses. You do not have to bother about power and other utilities. Everything I provided for, all you need do is come in and focus on your numbers.

You Don’t Have To Sack Your Boss To Be An Entrepreneur”- CEO KoWork NG

The same way you have different hotel rooms with varying levels of comfort or luxury. KoWork affords you to choose between a workstation or an executive office. And yes there is a boardroom available for use. Isn’t that like icing on a cake.

One other amazing service they offer is a virtual office space where they can manage your office affairs even though you are not physically present.

I visited the hub at D-line in Port Harcourt and was impressed with what I saw. It was a serene and neat environment with a friendly staff too. But I had major issues locating the place. The street on which it was located isn’t properly numbered. The building housing KoWork NG has no sign or poster so I had to ask a couple of questions to be sure I was at the right place. I do hope they fix that.


Remember the three scenarios we discussed earlier? If you happen to be in one of them or know someone with such challenges then you know who to refer them to. Lagos has a lot of co-working spaces, KoWork has one in Surulere but here in Port Harcourt KoWork NG may be your safest bet. Talk about renting a hotel room for your business for as low as #30,000 per month.

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