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City Review; Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Port Harcourt may have a lot of clubs and lounges but it doesn’t have a lot of theme parks. Which is a far cry from its name – The Garden City. Early this year, ‘Pleasure Park was built and has ever since continued to attract the crowd.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

We decided to pay a visit and see what the fuss was all about. Locating the park was not difficult seeing that it is not far from the road and has an imposing climbing tower that is not hard to miss. There were two security checkpoints, One at the gate and another after collecting your ticket. Getting our tickets happened without delay which was impressive. Our first stop was the bar/ restaurant. It had everything you can think of. From contemporary to traditional dishes. Drinks ranged from alcohol to soda. And of course, there was ice cream, slush, and popcorn. I think it is weird that alcohol is being sold in an area where kids are. Maybe there should be some restrictions or some sort to avoid unnecessary scenes.


Port Harcourt Pleasure Park
Display of alcohol

Food or drinks must be bought at the park, I wish people were allowed to bring in theirs but I guess that is a plan to generate revenue for the park.

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From anywhere you are it is easy to spot the different rides, There is the climbing tower, bouncing castles, mini golf, a boat ride and some gym facilities. The only free activity in the park is the use of the gym facilities and walking/jogging. A walk around this park is guaranteed to make you sweat. It looks small but making your way around would leave you tired. Or maybe it was because our walk was punctuated with pictures, laughter and small talk.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park
Climbing Tower
Port Harcourt Pleasure Park
Boat ride


Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

The park was created with kids in mind, I wish there was room for more adult activities and maybe a place for indoor games. There were also few park benches and no swing which was weird.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

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Foot entry fee is 500 Naira for adults and 35o Naira for kids, but each of the activity comes with a fee which you pay for at the ticketing area. The climbing tower is 1,500 for both kids and adults, the boat ride is 2,500 naira. The park also offers monthly subscriptions for both adults and children which can run monthly or through out the year. the subscription gives you access to every facility.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Parking space was properly thought of, so don’t be scared to drive in at any time of the day for just a fee of 300 Naira. The park is great for kids and group outings but not an ideal place for a first date. Please wear comfortable clothes. Say no to heels and yes to more sturdy footwear. Best time to visit is in the morning or evening. The afternoon sun can make it less desirable. You can also go to pleasure park for your work out activities. And it is great for taking pictures.

Mini Golf Course

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park




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