Chief Editor, Specifications Nigeria Talks Up Major Influences In Our Latest interview

Times have changed, gone are the days when you had to work a white-collar Job to earn a meaningful living. With technology, social media, and the internet taking focus in the last 10 years, some previously considered less distinguished occupations which many might even call hobbies are taking center stage. Now a profession such as blogging is yielding financial rewards as well as social recognition. Albeit for a selected few. One of these selected few is Damilare Bakare, Chief Editor & Founder of Specifications Nigeria. The young, talented and extremely humble man is the brain behind the tech blog which is gradually shaping the Nigerian tech sphere, more specifically its mobile phone market.

Specifications Nigeria which is one of the top tech blogs in the country is dedicated to everything technology, with its phone reviews consistently dominating search engines. Beyond great informative content, the blog serves thousands of tech readers each month who constantly log on to read phone reviews and comparisons. If you’ve ever had to research a phone online, chances are that you may have ended up on specifications Nigeria.

We got to sit down with Damilare Bakare, Chief Editor & Founder of specifications Nigeria, as well as other subsidiary media outlets and he shared his inspirations and motivations.

My name is Bakare Oluwadamilare Damola, I studied Estate Management from Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo State. I am a person who is in love with creativity and learning different skills. I am a blogger, a content creator, SEO consultant, Web Designer and an Estate surveyor.

While explaining his journey into blogging and his inspirations, he opened up on how he initially bought into the get-rich-quick scheme which is often associated with blogging, before learning that there was more to it.

Well, I was introduced to blogging by a friend of mine who told me he has found a way to make money online (True Story). That was back in year 2010, I jumped at it not knowing what blogging is all about, after a while of chasing money which did not come through at that time; I fell in love with blogging as I did more research and gain knowledge from online guides and tutorials about blogging.

Knowing that am a shy person, I have always wanted my voice to be heard concerning certain issues and blogging made that possible for me. I will write an article about a particular topic or product and people will actually read it and comment on the same article sharing their opinions on the topic. The interaction made me more committed to blogging more. 

A lot of people do think blogging is easy and it is a get rich scheme but it is not as easy as you think. Blogging is so heavy it can change your lifestyle and it is not a get rich scheme. You can make money but surely it not easy to make the money.

In modern times bloggers cover a wide range of subject matter from politics to sports (or even the odd sports politics). Hence we were curious on why exactly he chose to write about tech.

SpecificationsNigeria is a blog focused mainly on products and electronic appliances in Nigeria. Stating their specifications, reviews and so. This helps a buyer have a detailed understanding of the product they want to buy.

I created in order for Nigerians to have a good idea of what they are about to buy or acquire, therefore giving them detailed informed specifications, reviews, prices and also suggestions about such product or electronic device. The blog will make you understand what you are going to buy more and also if it is going to be effective for the job you need it for.

With over 7 years experience in blogging, we couldn’t help but ask the most important things he has learnt on the job.

I have learnt three important things in blogging which are Patience, Continuous Learning. Consistency
These three things are important and necessary if you want to be successful in blogging.

He further explained on his difficulty of trying to combine everyday life while trying to remain a top blogger. When we joked about what he does when he isn’t blogging, he had this to say:

Blogging takes almost all of my time but I enjoy Coding, designing, making videos, Photography (Still learning though) and love Playing Video Games. if I was not blogging then I will be only an Estate Surveyor.

With over 6 million Africans gaining access to the internet every year, the pool of potential audience continues to widen for local bloggers. However many still don’t understand the power that this platform provides.

Blogging makes your voice to be heard by hundreds to thousands and to millions. You don’t need to be a celebrity or politician to blog or make your voice heard, create a blog and share your views and be heard.

Whether we admit it or not, bloggers shape the way we consume information. With the country going through tough times, bloggers may have to take on a bigger responsibility in controlling the narrative

While my niche is more descriptive rather than narrative, i do realise the role we play in affecting people’s opinions. In that regard, my biggest wish in life is that Nigeria should become a safe and all round better place. I believe in the country, it’s one of the reasons i do what I do.

Most people often consider Linda Ikeji as the pioneer of blogging in Nigeria while others argue that her influence is overstated, Damilare who has had the opportunity to work with other media moguls had a rather interesting take on the subject.

Blogging made me meet a lot of people who are simply amazing. If I mention names it will be too long. We all have different opinions on Linda Ikeji, however, i do believe she was a pioneer of the blogging in Nigeria but times have changed since she initially launched LDB. 

Information is being consumed faster so much differently than it was years ago. Now with bloggers shaping the descriptive and narrative twist, it is becoming imperative to understand and appreciate the influence of these bloggers as well as recognising how times have changed. More people visit blogs each day than regular news vendors. In a lot of ways, our conventional newspapers have been traded for blogs.  While we can argue that this is borne out of the youthful culture to read a story in gossip/informal format rather than the conventional formal way, what cannot be argued is that the culture is here to stay.

With bloggers going as far as being able to influence buyer opinions, the influence of these young people is at an all time high. We can only wait to see how this new status quo evolves.

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