4 Places To Hangout In Port Harcourt This weekend

4 Places To Hangout In Port Harcourt This weekend

Today is the most favorite day of the week. Studies have shown that Mondays and Fridays always have a higher output than the rest of the other weekdays. I am sure your guess is good as mine. If you are in Port Harcourt and you need to relax. Rest from the hustle of the week then we may just have the chill pill you need.

Kode 9

This is easily one of my favorite spots in Port Harcourt. It houses all the things that I love in one place. Good food, steaks, amazing burgers, endless flavors of shisha and of course good music. One of the reasons I love Kode 9 is the ingenuity that comes with the naming of their services and their environment. We have burgers like Dasuki, Miss becky, Cocktails with orgasmic names etc. There is red kode which is a lounge with dance hall music. The black kode is a getaway from the city noise.

The black kode has this amazing lightning that both husband and wife can be in the same room and not recognize each other. If you want to enjoy peace, great music and still have fun then choose the color black not red. There is a rooftop where you can sit and hand out with your friends or even play snooker. You see why I say it has everything I love in one building. Just like ice cream and waffles spiked with alcohol. If you need good food, you would not also be disappointed.

Kode 9 is more than just a chill out spot. They take time to engage their customers so some days may just hold something different like an open mic night, evenings of talk just like the parliament and yes they have amazing promotional offers too. Kode 9 is located at  21B Ezimgbu Link Road (Mummy B Road) GRA phase 4, Port Harcourt.


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Cubana Lounge

Everyone knows Cubana as a lounge. Well, it is a lounge. But most people do not know that Cubana offers the best grilled fish in Port Harcourt. Yes, you can get good grilled fish at some other places but there is something heavenly about this place. The only down side is that it may be a bit pricey but it is good value for your money. Eating fish is sacred and you must do it right. It is the same way Bole should be respected and eaten with pepper sauce and not groundnuts.

Another amazing thing about Cubana is the interior design. It has the design of an airplane and sometimes the waiters sometimes are dressed as air hostesses. Talk about flying business class while still being on land. It has different sections and if you decide not to go inside. You can always sit out and chill with your friends.

NB; Please do not say we did not warn you but if you must visit Cubana make an effort to dress well. the bouncers there can give Anthony Joshua a run for his money. Cubana is located at Sani Abacha Way, GRA phase 3, Port Harcourt.

                                     Photo credit; Leon Photography


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Beer barn

A barn is a building on a farm. Well, this barn has amazing cocktails, beer of course and other range of drinks. There is something relaxing and cool about beer barn just like stroking the fur on a bear. It has this ambiance that encourages people to interact and mingle. So, you may be go out just to have fun and top it up with good conversation. For some weird reason the crowd that hangs out here always seem to be handpicked. you always find good company.

I would however let you in on a secret. Beer barn has fantabulous chicken wings (pardon my language)and the DJ attended his school somewhere in heaven. That can be the only reason to explain his consistency and tastse in music.

Almost everyone that visits here is a good snooker player so I would advice you not to go close if you are still a learner. Another secret I would let you in on is to take time to observe the pictures on the wall when walking in. Rather than briskly walking in take calculated steps and see yourself having this burst of positive energy. Whether na jazz i know no, but e dey work.

Beer barn is located at  76 Evo Rd, GRA Phase 2 in Port Harcourt.



De Office

Unarguably the best sports and karaoke bar in Port Harcourt. karaoke and its setting are the two things that make it stand out. Cozy couches and great music. So if you want to let out steam or let your hair down this weekend then you know where to be. However, last time i was there with my friends we weren’t exactly pleased with the customer service     especially the guy handling the Karaoke.  I hope that has been taken care off. Asides that it was fun all the way.  De office is located at 8 Tombia street, G.R.A Phase 2 in Port Harcourt.


What are you doing this weekend? Do you know other places we should talk about. Just let us know in the comment box below. If you love what you have just read then you can subscribe here to get more amazing stories. Be like Oliver twist

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