3 Fashion Items You Can Always Slay With

3 Fashion Items You Can Always Slay With

When you want to get dressed to go somewhere, one way to stand out is to slay. Your fashion sense can speak volumes about you. But you do not need to break the bank of pull an Amber rose to make a statement. You can make an impression with simple fashion items. Take a look at the list we have.

Hand Bag

A woman’s bag is a sacred place. You do not gain entry without proper absolution. Women carry their handbags everywhere they go. It serves as a holder for every essential and is a subtle addition to your look. This is one accessory that can make or mar your outfit. Why carry a big bag when you just need a clutch. When you have a nice bag with you, People would surely turn to take another look. It has a way of becoming more than just an accessory into the man focus of your outfit.

3 Fashion Items

3 Fashion Items You Can Always Slay With

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Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is usually chunky, unique and attention grabbing. It can transform your outfit with a classy tone. Wearing statement jewelry allows women to define their own style and stand out as individuals. You should, however, be conscious so that your jewelry does not clash with your dressing. These days Ankara materials can be used to make statement pieces. This goes well with plain colored attires. And can easily fit into corporate or casual wear.

3 Fashion Items You Can Always Slay With   

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This is one fashion item that has moved with time. It never goes out of fashion. It always finds a way to re-invent itself. Wearing Sunglasses or clear glasses can help you make a statement. They are no longer associated with nerdiness but also sophistication. Rimless glasses these days are now the new cool.

3 Fashion Items You Can Always Slay With  3 Fashion Items You Can Always Slay With


With one or more of these items, you can leave an impression anywhere you go.



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