How To Wear A Flower In Your Jacket Lapel

Dear Men, This is How To Wear A Flower In Your Jacket Lapel

Many men have this notion that flowers are for ladies alone.  So, the wearing of a flower in one’s lapel is least used by the male folk. Biology and history, however, tell us something different. Kings and soldiers have always worn flowers. In nature, it is the male species who draws attention to himself with colours e.g the peacock.

There are are some elements in men’s clothing or fashion that are never fully understood or even exploited. The button hole on the lapel of a jacket is one. Why is there always that buttonhole without a button? That is no fashion mistake. It is there to help you turn a decent outfit into a memorable one.

How To Wear A Flower In Your Jacket Lapel

Because we do not know why the buttonhole or is there, tailors often make mistakes. If the buttonhole is present and functioning, be sure before wearing a flower that there is a thread on the rear of the lapel and slightly below the buttonhole. This thread holds the flower stem against the lapel, thereby holding the flower upright. Visit your tailor if the thread is not there and if the hole is closed. So that it can become fully functional.

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Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do not pin a flower to the lapel. If the hole is closed do not wear a flower or have the hole opened up. The thread at the backside of the hole is to serve as a latch to hold the flower in place.
  • Always wear the boutonniere with confidence. Once you have decided to wear a boutonniere, let it be as the jacket to you. It’s another item on your body. Not something weird.
  • If you wear a flower with a pocket square, make there isn’t too much going on with your look. If there is, remove the pocket square.
  • Ensure colour harmony with your boutonniere and the rest of your outfit (suit, shirt, necktie, and pocket square).
  • A boutonniere is a single flower, not a small bouquet.
  • It is best to wear the flower lapel with the pin concealed.

A man wearing a flower or a boutonniere would always stand out. Your outfit isn’t just decent anymore. It is now elegant yet simple. So do you want to be looked over or overlooked?

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