Alcove Lounge: The Abuja Arcade for Adult Fun

Sometimes, life can get hectic and stressful. Sometimes you just need a place to chill and relax.

This is why arcades are the most awesome invention since ice cream. lol.

Anyway, if arcades are your thing then you’re in luck cause has found one of the best in our nation’s capital Abuja; ALCOVE LOUNGE.

Alcove Lounge allows you to relive the irreverent high of carefree adolescence with loads of games but it also lets you keep all the perks of adulthood, wink!

(PS: If you’re a parent you can totally take your kids to Alcove, just not at night okay)

Open from 10 am to 2 am, the Alcove has a gaming hell on the ground floor with a multi-lane bowling alley, darts, along with multiple pool and poker tables. The first floor presents a different kind of pleasure.
Abuja Arcade

An electronic gaming heaven that will leave even the most jaded person ever with itching fingers. Multiple screens occupy well-arranged maze of semi-secluded booths guaranteeing a little privacy for hardcore gamers.

Abuja Arcade
The Alcove has a PlayStation and an X-box at every screen and you’re pretty much spoiled for choice in terms of latest game titles.

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All this joy isn’t totally free, an hour of bowling will set you back about N1500 [it’s N1000 for kids] while an hour at any of the consoles costs N2500.

The service is pretty decent and there’s a well-stocked bar so you can knock back some drinks as you chill. There’s shisha pipes if that’s more your speed and you can get succulent freshly prepared steaks (suya) on short notice.
Abuja Arcade

If you want something more substantial, Trukadero Place [in the same complex] is one of the better Chinese restaurants in Abuja. So you’re set for food.

Located on Adetokunbo Ademola Street in Wuse 2, just opposite the famed Cubana Club, Alcove Lounge is pretty much an arcade with attitude.

If you’ve been to Alcove before you can share your experience with us, or is there a cooler arcade in Abuja?

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