5 Functional Accessories Every Man Should Have

5 Functional Accessories Every Man Should Have

Accessories are now more than fashion pieces o help you look better. Some of them have a lot of functionality attached thereby serving dual purposes. These three accessories listed below should be in every man’s possession. Stylish or not.

  • Hats

Everyone should have a hat. Be it a fez cap, a beanie or a fedora, a hat is an accessory that is very simple and can suit almost every outfit. You must not have to carry it everywhere on you, but let me accessible. Your hair sometimes has a  mind of its own and then your hat may just have to come to the rescue. You may need to switch your outfit from official to casual and the hat does the trick.

  • Belts

Belts may seem like an essential no matter what the time of year. It is a must-have for every man. But you don’t always have to rely on one particular belt. It is good to have a few to use for different occasions. Woven belts, smooth leather etc. Ensure you always try as much as possible to match your belt with the color of your shoes. If you’re wearing a brown belt then you should wear brown shoes, and the same if you’re wearing if you’re wearing a black belt.

  • Glasses

Wearing glasses can automatically make yu look cooler. A perfect shade and shape to suit your face will do the magic. the wrong shape can, however, make you look all weird. This is one accessory that you may need t carry with you everywhere you go.. If you have has a bad night, it ‘ll help cover those eye bags and if the sun is way too harsh, it ‘ll give you some relief.

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  • Wallets

Never leave your house without your wallet with you. A slim wallet always does the trick. Easy to carry around, no bulge no discomfort. Slim wallets are also sleek and stylish. Ensure you have your essential needs in the wallet. And as a tip never store your condoms in a wallet, it reduces its efficacy.

  • Wrist Watches

Invest in your time piece. Take advantage of the fact that it is a widely accepted piece of jewelry a man can wear. A wrist watch is stylish and very essential. Keeps you looking trendy and helps you keep to time.


Accessories are a great way of introducing color, detail and texture to your look. It doesn’t matter what your style preferences are, you can always find something to add on or have on your person at all times to heighten and accentuate any look.

Constance Onyeji - Jarret

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