Sunday Special; How To Prepare Gizdodo

Gizdodo is fast becoming a sensational phenomenon for the palate. Forget its fancy name, it’s just a combo of gizzard, dodo and stew.


  •  Chicken Gizzards
  • Ripe Plantain
  • Tomatoes
  • Pepper (green pepper, tatashe, habanero)
  • Onions
  • Vegetable oil
  • Plantain
  • Gizzards,
  • Seasonings (Salt, thyme, Maggi, curry)

 Food You Should Never Store In The Fridge


  • Properly wash gizzards with water and salt. Ensure you remove the yellow lining in the gizzard.
  • Place gizzards in a pot, season properly – with salt, thyme, curry, onions, maggi and allow cook for about 40 minutes. Cook till the stock is almost dry so that the gizzards can absorb all the greatness in the stock.
  • Cut ripe plantain into cubes, salt and deep fry. If you are in the fitfam team you may probably want to use the oven.
  • Chop some green pepper, tatashe and habanero pepper and onions.
  • Blend tomatoes, onions and pepper. Boil to reduce water content.
  • Cut your cooked gizzards into smaller pieces then fry till it’s brown. Again, if you’re team fitfam then the oven is your friend.
  • To the oil used in frying the gizzard, add some curry powder and thyme. Introduce the chopped pepper and onions and allow to soften.
  • Pour in the blended tomato paste and cook for some minutes.
  • When stew is ready, pour in your fried gizzards. Taste for salt. Cover and allow to cook for about 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Finally, add the fried plantains, stir and allow simmer.

Gizdodo can be eaten alone or together with Jollof rice, white rice or coconut rice or however suits you.

Constance Onyeji - Jarret

Constance is a free spirit who roams the world with a paint brush and colors. She loves to read, is purpose driven and passionate about girl-child empowerment and Children with development disorders and is currently developing projects to help this cause. She enjoys a mind stimulating conversation and is always ready to eat fried yam and egg sauce.

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