Do You Smoke? See 9 Foods That Can Cleanse Your Body Of Nicotine

Do You Smoke? See 9 Foods That Can Cleanse Your Body Of Nicotine

We cannot deny not knowing about how smokers are liable to die young. Smoking causes instant relief that it is easy to get addicted to it. From one stick to another and then we carry around packs of cigarette in our pockets.

Continuous smoking has adverse effects on our body and even after stopping those effects still remain. Nicotine which gives us the gratification from smoking causes insulin sensitivity and speeds up metabolic syndrome, heart problems and diabetes 2.

Nicotine has a major impact on the pituitary and thyroid glands and the lungs and yes it also contributes to hypertension.

If you smoke or you just quit please do consume the foods listed below to help cleanse your body of nicotine. A healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle.

  1. Water – the essential health and life liquid. Cleans toxins from the skin and makes you hydrated so try to have 8-12 glasses daily.
  2. Broccoli – veggie loaded with vitamin C and B5, vital for the lungs
  3. Spinach – after this meal, tobacco will taste awful.
  4. Dry herbs – they lower the levels of nicotine and give you vitamins A and E
  5. Berries – for removal of toxins
  6. Oranges – for vitamin C and reducing stress and anxiety that may lead to lighting a cigarette
  7. Kiwi – for vitamin C again, but also for A and E
  8. Carrot juice – for the vitamins A, K, C, and B and removing of toxins. The skin will get fresher, smooth and glowing
  9. Pomegranate – for amazing blood count and blood flow




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