Movie Review; ‘Something Wicked’ Is The Best Thing That Has Happened To Nollywood In 2017

2016 no doubt was a cinematic thrill for Nollywood and international film festivals, so we expected to see extraordinary miracles happen the next year 2107. But unfortunately, we have been fed mediocrity and we can’t even vomit it.

Well, until ‘Something Wicked’ happened. It won’t break the bank like ‘The wedding Party’ neither was it exceptionally great but it was the only movie I had seen this year that did not make me want to throw my shoe at the screen.

‘Something Wicked’ tells the story of a widow (Hauwa), whose recently orphaned nephew Abel, moves into her home from the violence-riddled Northern Nigeria, after the murder of his parents. Abel has a difficult time fitting into his new family, whilst Hauwa struggles with the challenges of balancing a failing business and single parenthood. So Abel comes and lives with them and strange disappearances and deaths begin to take place that attracts the police making Hauwa look suspicious as most occurrences have an indirect link to her. The movie ends with a big reveal and as most of us guessed Abel is a psychopath and responsible for every evil or so we thought.

Something wicked lived to its true name as a psychodrama that even though it was predictable, the breath of fresh of it provided was a relief. Clear picture, good sound and the evidence of good directing all added to the delight this movie gives. The major flaw SW has is the underdevelopment of the character Abel.

The strange and psychotic character he exhibits is spurred by an obsession with Hauwa eldest daughter Amira (Beverly Naya). Which we do not see until he revealed as the killer. The only hint we were given was him stroking a picture for a few seconds, which questions why he would to such lengths for an obsession he never shows. Then there was a plot hole in the existence of Hauwa’s sister Safira (Keira Hewatch) who is aways working out and is the one to find out about Abel’s behavior.

So, Abel starts killing and Hauwa is uncomfortable so she asks Ali to go back home. Ali rushes in and starts hitting Abel without first accessing the situation. Claudia finds Amira’s thong which Abel hid and stares at it mouth open for minutes like she was holding a head dripping with blood. These holes dampen the movie a bit sadly.

Every character in this movie is different and unique, bringing a different level of excitement. From Hauwa (Ireti Doyle) perfect Hausa to Claudia’s (Adesuwa Etomi) sassy and breezy attitude and then we see the sweetness in Baby’s (Ivie okujaye) and Ali(Gabriel Afolayan) nonchalance with his middle finger.

The actors did bring in their A game with Adesuwa Etomi and Ivie Okujaye taking away the crown. The director, however, tried too hard to make us see this family as hausa. A little bit less would have been perfect.

Something Wicked’s end is one that will always cause debate. Everything ended as a dream with Hauwa waking up to Abel’s visit. To some, this may have watered down the plot but to me, it couldn’t have ended in a better way.

If you must see a movie this period with the wacky releases we are having then it should be Something Wicked. Yemi Morafo definitely did something praiseworthy.

We are three months into the new year and this remains the only movie that may be worth your time.







Constance Onyeji - Jarret

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