The Nokia 3310 Is Back!

Nostalgic feelings swept across the tech world yesterday, as HMD announced the reboot of the iconic and ridiculously durable phone.

The Revamped version deviates slightly from the design and structure of the original but still bears a noticeable modern day resemblance to its predecessor.

It runs on Series 30+, an operating system for feature phones with color screens. The old texting system remains same as you would have to hold the numeric keys to get the alphabets. It is a tedious task to imagine but it is certainly a break from the norm touch screen phones. It is arguable that this new device is a decade behind its prospective users but another school of thought will argue that the revamped 3310 provides a refreshing way to reminisce on the technology of time past.

The original 3310 was sold to over 126 million people around the world since it was first released back in September 2000 and HMD will be making a killing (figuratively and NOT literally) if these new devices can match those numbers.

This feature phone is not a smartphone, however, and is only accompanied with mediocre specs like a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera coupled with a microSD slot. This modern variant is also little smaller, thinner, lighter and comes in bright color variants.

The new devices also come with a modern snake game pre-installed.

HMD has gone through great lengths to revamp this classic device but only time will tell if this early nostalgia will ultimately convert to great sales. Personally, I will be keeping my fingers crossed.



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