All You Need To Know About Don Jazzy’s Free WiFi

Not too long ago, Mavin Records CEO Don Jazzy and Dele Odufuye CEO of Tsaboin launched Flobyt WiFi as co-founders.

Flobyt is a free WiFi service installed across partner locations in Lagos like eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, cafés and many other businesses. The service is free for patrons of a business who wish to access the internet while in the premises of the patron locations. The internet router itself is a plug-and-play device that, according to the founders, does not require much technical know-how to operate.

Free WiFi in a public place may not be entirely safe but Dele says that there are security protocols in place for regular authentication and automatic disconnection of any hacker.

Nothing can be entirely free, however, Flobyt needs to also make some profit. It will work by serving users a few ads during their session while granting unrestricted access. Flobyt is not the first attempt at a free WiFi solution in Nigeria, but the co-founders have faith that it would be the only enduring one.

Flobyt WiFi is only available in Lagos now, with plans to reach 500 locations across the state. There are also plans to extend the service to the 36 states and then to Africa.

On business premises, a normal Flobyt WiFi device can accommodate 10 – 30 users at a time. For locations with higher traffic, the Flobyt Max WiFi device can take up to 80 concurrent users at one time.

Within 48 hours of launch, there was already about 455 requests for Flobyt free WiFi, You can request for one HERE

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