Movie Review; Hire A Man- When Everything Cliché Is Served As Dinner

Movie Review; Hire A Man- When Everything Cliché Is Served As Dinner

It is the month of February and no doubt we have to be blessed with a romantic movie and when it is supposed to be doused with comedy that makes it a double blessing. However, ‘Hire A Man’ serves us a cold tasteless dinner and not the ice cream we were promised.


From the horrible title you can almost trace the storyline in the air but let me indulge you. In today’s society, a woman success is downplayed when she doesn’t have a man right beside her so when Tishe (Zynell Zuh) calls her mother (Shaffy Bello) and is informed that her younger sister Teni (Nancy Isime) and rival is coming to a family retreat with her fiancé, she becomes threatened and insecure. She fabricates a story of an engagement and is plunged into a task of finding a man with her best friend Sonnia ( Bayray Mc Nwizu). You can guess what happens next. Rich family, serene environment, rich spoilt girls and men who have been dragged into a family engagement.


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What first got me yawning at the cinema was the unnatural conversation between Sonnia and Tishe at the beginning of the movie. They had perfect lines but the delivery was more robotic than expected from best friends almost sisters. Whoever was the makeup artist for this movie deserves a serious lashing. We had below par makeup in all scenes. The girls in the movie had their facials almost running down as it seemed they were sweating all through the movie even when they were beside the beach chilling.

With every movie Shaffy Bello and Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey feature as a couple, we see a certain chemistry between them. Next, to the duo of Ireti Doyle and RMD, they are gradually becoming our favorite on-screen couple.


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‘Hire A Man’ is proof that IK Ogbonna needs to find another job aside acting as he has no place here. With every role, he falls below expectations delivering mediocre performances. We are certainly grateful that he had short scenes and short lines or we may have been bored all through this movie.


Enyinnaya Nwigwe (Jeff) seems to be the only one who did his homework. The hired man who is very humble and swallows every insult because he finds the lady of interest fascinating enough. He turns out o be very rich and of course gets Tishe at last.  Like everything Cliche, even with the refreshing picture, this movie seems to give us it ends with the predictable resolution. Jeff who takes on the role of a hired man ends up with Tishe who only falls for him because she has discovered he is more that a no-gooder. Isn’t that what he was running away from?


Shaffy Bello glides through every scene and has almost no fault as she is easily the show stealer of this movie.

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Hire A Man would have been more than this tasteless dish if it wasn’t riddled with stereotypes. A lady is only successful with a man, siblings who shove their achievements to the face of others, an overbearing fiance who leads the other to cheat on her and yes the rich guy gets the proud and stubborn girl.


It was nice to see that Desmond Elliot took time away from Politics to direct this movie. The screenplay is breezy and the exotic location was refreshing, but what we could most see was aesthetical and not technicality from Desmond Elliot. Picture and Sound were top notch but we could see the not too subtle advert of The Whispering Palms. The synchronization of the video of the resort into the movie was poor as it was very obvious that they were two different videos. There were plot gaps and yest overstreched scenes and for some reason Nollywood always forgets that no one wears heels at home. After a stressful day at work, the first thing we do when we get home is take off those shoes.


Produced by Chineyelove Eze, this romantic comedy is likely to make your day but it did not make mine as I am still wondering where the comedy is.



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