Movie Review: The Guest

So, it was exciting to hear that screen goddess, Rita Dominic, and Femi Jacobs were in a movie together and that there was even a heightened sexual tension between them. Whatever the makers of “The Guest” had in mind they should know that they have failed woefully in it. Okay, let me not start by venting why I feel this movie is a failure.

The Guest is a romantic thriller that tells the story of a couple (Femi Jacobs and Somkele Idhalama) in a passionless but faithful marriage who take in a down and out friend recently deported from England (Rita Dominic). Things quickly begin to unravel when the husband has an affair with this long time friend. “The Guest” is a thrilling feature film that explores love, passion, sex and some scary things some people will do to get what they want in life.

Now I can vent…

It is wonderful that the writer and producer of this movie felt we needed a change from the usual Nollywood script but why do that and still give us part of the Nollywood we are trying so hard to forget. From the cast giving us below par performances to the over-flogged scenes and sorry plot. Yes, maybe good story but the second half of the movie came all crashing down like Humpty dumpty.

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The guest started out slow with Somkele Idhalama giving us this boring and lifeless character, I somehow struggled to connect her to the Somkele I met in Gidi up, 93 and even the Wedding party but the connection failed to come till the end of the movie.

Rita Dominic(Nikki) presence on screen is always captivating. It was very easy for her to steal the spotlight from the moment she made her entry as a washed out deportee who arrived Lagos and was housed by her college friend Lola (Somkele Idhalama). (Please, who houses a friend who was once a love interest to your husband? Did your mum not teach you well?) Lola is stupid and neglects her home and she pursues business interests, Nikki swoops in as she discovers that Billie(Femi Jacobs) is rich and ready to be stolen. Nikki is psychotic and desperate, but the movie failed to give us a background history so we are flying blind here.

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Her sexy and sultry scene with Femi Jacobs was a delight but Rita Dominic light dimmed when she took on her full mode of psychotic drama and killing spree. From the irrelevant killings to the ease of the stabbing. You are stabbing a human being and not poking the chopping board.

Chika Chukwu is always a don’t mess wth this Igbo girl character but in this movie, her character was out of place in some scenes. A best friend doesn’t go searching the enemy’s property while your friend is unconscious in the hospital. The point she wanted to make could have been played differently without her getting stabbed. Too many unnecessary death just to prove that Nikki was psycho was an over kill.

Femi Jacob was the only one here who showed up for work and had his wit throughout this movie.

The sound and voicing had a major issue. Most of the time it felt like the actors voiced were dubbed. It is very obvious that another edit would have done this movie a great deal. No one wears a bra to sleep anymore in movies, and a slit wrist can only make one pass out after blood loss, not just a trickle. Yes, and our make-up artists did a good job with an always perfect face for Nikki, even with the gun fight and tensed situation Nikki did not even break a sweat. And finally isn’t it amazing that Lola found a way into the house and yet the police couldn’t use that same entry to save the situation.

Christian Olayinka tried to deliver a good story with a great cast but failed woefully at it.



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  1. Enesi Makoju says:

    This review is as apt as can be. It was a dissapointing watch given the quality of the cast. Story line and execution were lame. Femi Jacobs still held his iwn though just about.

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