If You Love Taking Selfies Then This Hover Camera Will Amaze You


Selfie sticks used to be really cool and I couldn’t imagine any other innovation that could make taking pictures cooler till I read about the Hover Camera from Zero Zero Robotics.

The hover camera is like a drone taking your pictures from great angles and perspectives. It has the ability to capture videos and pictures from unique perspectives. You can take 13MP camera photos and 4k videos.

Shots are always steady because of its electronic image stabilization. This is like the first autonomous flying camera because of its imbedded AI technology.

It detects and follows you around without a GPS but uses real-time body and facial recognition. It is safe and durable as it is built with a durable and light weight carbon material.

The Hover Camera comes in at only 238 grams, it’s small as well that it could fit into your bag. When the propeller wings are folded, it’s about the size of a VHS cassette tape.

The Hover Camera doesn’t come with a controller; it’s all done with your fingers and a couple of virtual buttons in the mobile app, as long as you’re connected to the drone’s WiFi hotspot.

Retail price for the hover camera is about $599


Wi-Fi Frequency Bands                    2.4GHz; 5GHz

Max Hovering Time                          10min (no wind)

Weight                                              242g (including battery)

ISO Range                                         100-3200

Photo/Video Format                         JPEG/MP4

Storage Capacity                              32G (including system files)

Battery Capacity                               1360mAh


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