The Golden Milk Mixture That Can Remove Toxins From Your Liver

Remember how our parent used to tuck us into bed with a cup of warm milk. And some of us may actually be doing this with your kids now. It is always soothing and somehow made us sleep better. The good news is that there is a golden milk mixture made majorly from turmeric spice, coconut milk, black pepper, and ginger. Honey can also be added for aroma and taste. This is tasty and aromatic and warming too, but this can remove also anxiety and stress from the day, making you fall asleep well.

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The ingredients of this drink give not just a good night rest but a health boost and as well helps to detoxify the liver. Ginger is a great kitchen spice with medicinal properties. It is antimicrobial, soothes the digestive system, regulates hypertension etc. Turmeric is also a wonder spice. It levels cholesterol, detoxifies the livel and boosts immunity. The coconut milk gives us antioxidants, vitamins E, C and B, minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Immunity gets boosted and we are safe from colds, flu and bacteria, bones and teeth are healthy too and nerves are soothed.

Golden milk turmeric recipe:

  • 2 cups coconut milk or other milk you like
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1 ginger piece
  • ¼ tsp black pepper (to accentuate turmeric)
  • Honey for taste
  • If you have intestine ulcers, colitis or similar issue, skip the pepper
How To:

Mix all items and use a pan for the mixing, save the honey for last. Cook this on medium heat and wait for the bubbles to show. Lower heat to minimal and let flavors blend all together for 5 min. remove ginger and add honey. Mix again.

Drink this when you wake up for more energy and yes it tastes really good. Who says healthy food shouldn’t taste great.

Constance Onyeji - Jarret

Constance is a free spirit who roams the world with a paint brush and colors. She loves to read, is purpose driven and passionate about girl-child empowerment and Children with development disorders and is currently developing projects to help this cause. She enjoys a mind stimulating conversation and is always ready to eat fried yam and egg sauce.

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