What You May Not Know About The Big Brother Naija Season Two Housemates

After 10 years of wait, we have been graced with another season of Big Brother Naija #BBNaija. Many people watch Big Brother for many reasons but most are in for the drama, the hook ups, and the controversies.

The first day in and we already have a lot of opinions. I just had to profile the housemates.


Kemen is from Akwa Ibom. Showed off his abs at the launch and no doubt it is going to gain him some points with the ladies. He has been co-ordinated so far and we are still watching him with eyes open.



Uriel is from Imo state, obviously Janded so we can excuse her for the posh accent. She seems fun, overly dramatic and has this love for bananas. No pun intended there. Her drama sha died down hours into the show and we need more of it. First, into the house, she hugged and hugged everyone welcoming them in. We do hope she keeps up with the friendly act.


Cocoice has been real from the onset, except the drama with her accent at some point. She seems confident, maybe it’s the rapper in her. All that talk about finding love makes us think she is in the house to look for a boyfriend. And there was a talk about a foundation that made my hair stand. I like this housemate already and I cannot wait for her drama.


Bally is from Kaduna and has Yemi Blaq’s kind of eyes. He is fine and speaks well. Confident too. He is coming into the house with this calm and calculated attitude. We like this but we also need fire. He has a girlfriend and was one of the few who did not claim to have the permission to play games with the female housemates from his bae. When asked what he would do with the 25 million Naia if he wins, he said he would invest it in a digital and media outfit.


Marvis is a PH babe. A tomboy if that word exists. She seems real, she claims to have drama since she is from a polygamous home. Well, we are waiting to see her bring in the game. She had this moment of soliloquy which was a bit scary and we do hope it gives us a peek into her inner thoughts.


Gifty is one fine Igbo babe. Even without makeup, she is one fine light skinned girl and surprisingly she isn’t mixed. But Gifty is fake and it is very obvious. Maybe it is because of her fake posh accent or her trying to chumy with the guys. In my opinion, you do not form a posh accent and make exclamations such as “Nna Eh!”. I advise her to switch to her real accent and stop giving us fluctuating rhymes. This Nollywood actress is going to stir up trouble amongst guys both inside and outside the house. And yes there is something of an interest between Soma and Miyonse.


Miyonse is a head chef and looks every inch Mr good guy. He is trying to win their hearts by cooking and feeding their bellies. Even though this may be good for his career he should not over do it. And then the attention Gifty and TBoss are showing him have the markings of him being stuck in the friend zone. Well, what do I know, the boy may just have more magic that his unique name and culinary skills.

  • SOMA

Soma is a fine boy and into music. Apart from this and the friendship brewing with Gifty, I have nothing much else to say.


Tboss says being herself is her strategy and I do hope herself means drama. She has 8 piercings. We have seen one on her nose, another on her tongue and then her nipples we can only guess where the remaining are. She has this chemistry with Miyonse and I can’t wait to find out more.

  • ThinTallTony

Tony knows that he is fine and that he is tall so it is a bit over his head. He says he does not drink and smoke but he womanizes. How that works will remain a puzzle. I like that he owns the fact that he is annoying.


Seeing her in house was definitely a shocker. I am a fan and I absolutely love her character in Life of a Nigerian couple and SkinnyGirlInTransit. She is as real as anything in the house but I feel she should downplay her being funny character a little so it doesn’t seem like its a role play. I hope SGIT is pre-recorded because to will be sad to miss seeing her in the web series.

  • EFE

Efe is a Warri boy so he doesnt have to do much to make us like him. Except be real, speak Warri pidgin and bring his drama.


Well, there you have it. 12 housemates. However, you sould know that these opionions are mine and I cannot be held accountable for them. Cheers to 11 weeks of Big Brother Naija.

Ebuka is the host for this season and can be a lazy presenter but he needs to bring his A-game on.


Constance Onyeji - Jarret

Constance is a free spirit who roams the world with a paint brush and colors. She loves to read, is purpose driven and passionate about girl-child empowerment and Children with development disorders and is currently developing projects to help this cause. She enjoys a mind stimulating conversation and is always ready to eat fried yam and egg sauce.

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  1. Sasee says:

    TBoss is real tho.. Kinda know her personally. But my money is still on Efe or Miyonse.

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