your vagina is beautiful

Do You Feel Your Vagina Is Beautiful?

We should note that the correct terminology for external female genitalia is vulva, not vagina.

Most women do not feel comfortable with their body parts. They usually feel insecure, fat, unsexy etc.

Not being comfortable in your own skin can lead to being insecure about your decisions. while many men on the other part glorify their body parts especially the sexual organ it is sometimes of great concern why women feel the need to be ashamed of how they look.

Women need to embrace their looks, It is okay to want to look better but do not look down on yourself because of how you feel you look. The vulva, what most of us refer to as the vagina is one of the most shamed parts of the female anatomy. However, it is surprising to note that most women look at their vulvas in disgust while their partners usually see it as beautiful.

It is important that in order to explore their potentials women must embrace their vulnerability instead of avoiding it.

Layla Martin was inspired to capture the gulf between how a woman sees her body, and the way her lover views it, so she started an unusual project. Women were invited into a photographic studio to have their vulvas photographed.

Watch this video and get inspired

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