Tech Review: Money Transfer Service.

Tech Review: Money Transfer Service. is a money transfer platform that aims to make money transfer across the country more convenient and affordable than ever before.

Have you ever had to send money to someone urgently and you desperately wanted to avoid going to the bank or atm? The thought of waiting in a long queue discourages you from leaving the comfort of your home and when you finally decide to settle for using your local bank’s mobile app, you remember the sometimes outrageous charges and that’s if your local bank even has a fully functional mobile app that is easy to use.

These inconveniences were obviously on the minds of the team that created the web app as they seek to solve a real problem. However, it isn’t without a few minor hitches.


It’s user interface is quite simple and lays emphasis on what’s most important on the page. The form boxes are well designed and the overall construct of this web app frees users of any complications. At first glance,it is an easy and effective web app.

Although It struggles to load up properly on data saving mobile browsers (e.g opera mini) that do not support Java script it does load properly on desktop capable browsers (chrome, uc browser).
The color scheme used on the web page is simple and does not attempt to be overly dazzling. This works to the advantage of the platform as it is important not to distract the users from this web app’s core premise. Considering it’s a money transfer platform for Nigerians, it can be argued that the color Green might be better served as the dominant color on the web page. However, the use of thie Green color on money related web platforms have started to appear cliché in recent years. With that in mind I applaud the creative departure from the norm.


User experience often differs from person to person but there is a sense that users might be sceptical about using this platform for their money transfers. In a bid to go straight to the point on the web app , very little information is given about how this platform actually works or what financial institution’s initiative this is (excluding a small and easily ignored single line at the bottom of the page). The web app clearly and effectively communicates what it does but not necessarily how it does it and this is not in any way a deal breaker as other money transfer web applications have taken this route. However with the incredibly high rate of online financial fraud in this part of the world, it becomes a little bit more important and/or difficult to convince people to subscribe to this kind of service, especially without proper information or knowledge about the structure that allows the service to operate without glitch. People in this part of the world are still very used to the typical bank transfer system.This scepticism will ultimately be erased as more and more people begin to subscribe to the service and testify to its authenticity.
As far as the technicality and the effectiveness of the programming scripts used. There is little to complain about as this web app runs smoothly with little or no hiccups.


For now, appears to be executing a simple idea quite effectively. This web app hopes to solve a real problem in the financial sector and if the execution continues to hit the right notes then might just change the game by making money transfers within the country more convenient and affordable than ever before.


  • At the moment appears to have a limit of 50,000 naira as the highest amount you can transfer.
  • charges an extra 45 naira for all money transfers.

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