Should The Internet Inform The Media Or Help Them Become Lazy

Should The Internet Inform The Media Or Help Them Become Lazy

I have been in a room with well trained journalists and reporters and listened to their argument on what the new media is and how the media influences the public. One sure thing is that the word Media is now broader, it is no more restricted to radio, TV and newspapers with the advent of the internet.
I know for a fact that the new media we are seeing now has a crop of reporters and content developers who do not care enough to make more research before dishing out a story. Now it is all about the traffic.
I would want to blame Linda Ikeji but mhen the girl is doing her thing and shouldn’t be used as a template when journalism is on the table. and then I am not saying the media is trying to copy her.
Two recent events have made me understand that we are always hungry and in want for groundbreaking and controversial stories which are sometimes even irrelevant. The way Bobrisky is on almost every news platform is annoying. You stalk his skype account and update the public on what he is doing or what he is wearing. Bobrisky is another case. Let me go back to my two events
1. The case of the lynching of a boy somewhere in Lagos. I got the news from Twitter and before I knew it some reputable newspapers have reported the story like that. Fiam! as Nigerians we are, we lapped up the story and started forming online activism. Whatever happened to visiting the scene and getting your stories right. And then just like that an eye witnessed told the real story on how the victim was a thief and not 7 years old. I do not support jungle justice but you get my point.
2. I recently found out about HNNAfrica run by Kemi Olunloyo. She lives for controversies and tells the truth point blank so I followed her and even saw the story about her and her 27-year-old boyfriend. I shrugged it off. Who cares about these ones love life. If you like be sugar mummy or be in love. I enjoyed how Nigerians started preaching and trolling the supposed boyfriend and how she always gave them a dose of their medicine. The next thing I knew it was on blogs and the digital formats of newspapers and media platforms. 
Like I pointed out earlier, Kemi lives for controversy and it turned out her relationship with Hakeem was a hoax and her trying to prove a point. Which I hope you have seen also.
If Okeke’s blog or Seun’s space writes this as breaking news I do not expect some ogas in this business to do so. We should try and verify some facts before we feed it to the public. Even I sometimes troll the internet in search for content but the internet should point us to relevant information and not make us lazy when in search for content that we put out stories without verification. A retract is never enough.
And erm Nigerians mind your business sometimes. Christmas is here and a bag of rice is still pricey, focus on that and use your energy on the Government not cursing another person because of who they love or don’t love. 
Whether newspaper or blog please in as much as you want to give us gist and gain traffic defined what you are let us know where to vist for what we want. If i want credible news we should be able to know what sites to visit and if we want such gist or amebo we also know. These days the lines are getting blurred.

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