MTV Shuga Opens Its Doors To Directors And Photographers

MTV Shuga is returning for a ffifth season and in collaborattion with MTV Breaks, MTV Shuga sets to give a talented directors and photographers an opportunity to be part of the Shuga series production. MTV Breaks and MTV Shuga are looking for a passionate 18-26-year-old director to be part of the team. The selected individual will get to direct a scene of MTV Shuga and will also be mentored by an industry professional.

There’s also an opportunity for budding photographers to take behind-the-scenes photos of the cast and MTV Shuga production. The latest season of MTV Shuga is heading to South Africa for the first time. The show has previously been set in Kenya and in Nigeria. The new season starring South African actress Mohau Mokoatle, kicked off pre-production in September 2016.

“Shuga” focuses on relevant issues like stigma, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, gender based violence, first sex, and disclosure of HIV status. The show is watched by millions across the world. Entries for the opportunity to be part of the series closes on December 28, 2016.

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