Movie Review; “The Wedding Party,” One Candy You Cannot Easily Forget Its Delightful Taste

Movie Review; “The Wedding Party,” One Candy You Cannot Easily Forget Its Delightful Taste

Experience has taught me never to give a movie too much credit when it has a lot of media hype, star-studded and has a killer trailer. Biko my heart is now fragile and I need to shield it from disappointment. So even though I was anticipating the release of The Wedding Party, I did so with an open mind until I stumbled on the making of the film and saw Kemi Adetigba in action. Her actions and mannerisms made m,e take a pause and assured me this wasn’t going to be one of those movies.
The wedding party is a movie that is very relatable such thay you become so integrated with it as it mirrors your experiences. The naughty friend, the loud overly dramatic youruba woman that is your neighbor, the drama that comes with a family wedding, the disappointment that comes with unemployment in Nigeria and the drama that comes with inter tribal marriages. It is like playing a familiar tone on an old keyboard.

Synopsis: The Wedding party follows the shenanigans that go on during the planning of a wedding in Nigeria. Dunni a 24-year-old art gallery owner and only daughter of her parents, Engineer Bamidele and Mrs. Tinuade Coker, is about to marry the love of her life, IT entrepreneur Dozie the handsome son of Felix and Obianuju Onwuka. The couple took a vow of chastity and are looking forward to a ground -breaking first night together as a married couple. Between matchmaking attempts on the bridal train, a wedding planner on a mission to succeed, the unruly behaviour of some ‘village’ guests much to Tinuade’s horror, Dunni’s uncertainty about her new husband’s faithfulness during the time of their courtship, amidst colourful aso-ebi, eclectic music, small chops, and souvenir drama, we begin to wonder whether Dunni and Dozie will get through their wedding reception unscathed.
Picture quality was top notch, the casting was amazing. How Kemi was able to harness and handle all the characters that none goes out place is nothing short of a wonder. We did not see all those uneseccary scenes or dialogue that seems to burden Nollywood movies. This was a comedy with a story, something that is lacking in our today movies. The use of the right Nigerian songs in the movie left me smiling although I did notice a tiny glitch in syncronising when the Onwukas were dancing in but it passed so quickly that I wondered if I noticed right.
The wedding party did not try hard to be funny, it was hilarious from the very begingin and the apt performances of the actors greatly contributed to it. Sola Sobowale reminded us why we so much loved Toyin Tomato. She and Alibaba Akpobome are Tinuade and Bamidele Coker, Dunni’s parents the Yoruba crew absolutely made this wedding lit. Even Lepacious Bose and her dance moves were fire.
Ireti Doyle(Obianuju Onwuka) and Richard Mofe Damijo (Felix Onwuka) have been cast a lot as parents this year that somehow it now became like a stereotypic role. This time around there was an unusual fire Ireti brought to the screen, that arrogance and attitude cannot be bought in the market and as usual RMD remains brilliant.
Somkele Idhalama, Ikechukwu Onunaku, Enyinna Nwigwe, Hafeez Oyetoro, Ay Makun, Sambasa Nzeribe, Daniella Down, Emma Oh-My-God, Frank Donga embraced their characters so well. Beverly Naya keeps hitting her sexy seductress role every single time and Zainab Balogun is like a gift being carefully unwrapped. She keeps amazing me with the different roles she has taken so far since her debut into Nollywood.

It is now very easy to place Adesuwa Etomi in a romantic movie, she knows how to fall in love and be lovable and the chemistry with Banky W was undeniable. It was fun seeing Banky W step out of his real life best man role into the shoes of the groom. For a debut, he passed the average mark but he sure can do better.
In spite of not being the lead actress Somkele caught my eye in all scenes she appeared in. She is definitely one actress to watch out for. Our Oyibo Daniella Down too made me laugh with her zeal for the local food and the Efik dance choreography. Rosie (Beverly Naya) and her friends truly represented the daughters of Jezebel the pastor was talking about.
Long story short. The wedding party was just the movie to end the year. KEmi Adetigbo could deliver such greatness as her debut feature length movie, I am definetly on the watch for her future works. This was a collaboration of four big filmhouses, I guess we should have expected this. This is a must watch for everyone. It is no surprise that dase after release the cinema halls are filled up back to back for each viewing.
This movie is one candy you can never get enough of, that delightful taste lingers even after you use a mouth wash.

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