Miss Kedike’s Christmas Song Is An Apology

Miss Kedike’s Christmas Song Is An Apology

Last week I compiled a list of recently released Christmas songs by Nigerian artistes that were worth l. Well, now it seems more artists are so grateful for the Christmas season that they are now Christmas themed songs everywhere. 
We asked for Nigerian theme Christmas songs yes. We did not ask for mediocrity or near mediocrity. Yes, the market must sell but our musicians shouldn’t bastardize this season with such songs.
Miss Kedike is one lady we love. She is almost pristine, beautiful, has an angelic voice and has in the past delivered to us her faithful fans, soulful music that we do not forget in a hurry. Until the year 2016. The year we think she had more photo shoot sessions than music recording sessions (this is merely an assumption). 
Not too long ago, Chidinma released a very forgettable song ‘Fallen In Love’ and we all know why that song would be left behind in the year 2016. It wasn’t necessarily terrible but we have seen so much more from her. Chidinma after her move from Capital Hill Records/The Goretti Company went radio silent except on Instagram where she dished us beautifully curated pictures of her and yes we also saw many features from her endorsement deals and all. But we missed her music and that voice.
After the lukewarm song ‘Fallen In Love’, one would expect Miss Kedidke and her team to go back to the drawing board to draft out a killer plan to launch her in 2017 with great music so Chidinma can reclaim her relevance but instead we see the apology that is a Christmas song “For You”. Great sound and beat but the Lyrics were as shallow and plain as marble tile. Chidinma was confused unfortunately and may need deliverance. I nodded my head to the music but I could not take anything back home with me. 
I love her so much that I hope she doesn’t fall into oblivion. There is only so much your fans can handle. And we really do pray you re-launch in 2017 with a great comeback. 

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