How Hairy Men Can Take Care Of Their Skin

How Hairy Men Can Take Care Of Their Skin

Body hair may sometimes have its appeal both sexual and not but when they are excessive it becomes a cause for worry or gives you a less appealing look. Some people have hairs covering their arms, legs, chest, balls stomach and even back so much that they cannot imagine what their skin looks like.

Grooming excessive body hair might be a challenge and one mistake most guys make is ignoring the skin underneath those curly hairs, Stop destroying manscaping devices and love your body the way it is. Take good care of your skin and you will have less to worry about.

1. BE EASY ON YOUR BODY: Body hair can act as a natural exfoliant which means you may necessarily need products with rough ingredients for your scrub. By simply rubbing soap or body wash on your hairy hide, you end up effectively brushing your skin with its own strands, sloughing off dirt and dead skin cells and leaving the outermost layer fresh and new. Kinda gross, but also kinda cool. Now, does this mean that you should forgo exfoliation altogether? Of course not. But it does mean that you can (and should) use them less, and when you do, they should be gentle.

2. USE AN OIL BASED BODY LOTION: Ever tried to put a cream or lotion on a swath of skin that’s coated in hair? Well it’s not easy, we’ll tell you that much. That’s because the hair tends to act as a kind of barrier, preventing the moisture-rich elixir from making its way down to the parched surface below that’s so desperately in need. The solution: an oil-based formula as opposed to the thicker solutions you’ve used in the past. These will be able to penetrate through even the densest thicket of follicles, while taking care of those hairs in the process. Think of it as a two-for-one deal, but for your body.

3. TREAT INGROWN HAIR PROPERLY: The more hairs on your body, the greater likelihood that some of them will, at some point or another, curl and burrow into the skin, causing you a whole lot of inflammation and pain. Which is why it’s important that you discern now how to deal with them, instead of waiting until the moment arrives and inexplicably trying to pop it like a pimple (unfortunately, that doesn’t work). Simply give your body a few days to autocorrect, but if it doesn’t, try using a pair of sterilized forceps to yank that sucker out. If it doesn’t come easily, go see a dermatologist to handle it.

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