High Demand for Local Rice Ahead of Yuletide

High Demand for Local Rice Ahead of Yuletide

The demand for local rice has risen in Nigeria ahead of the yuletide. 
The popular staple food is usually preferred during the festive period and the sudden increase in the cost of the imported rice earlier this year, had sparked concerns that the price of the foreign rice could further rise during the yuletide.
As the Christmas and the New Year celebration nears, most Nigerians seem to have opted for the locally produced rice with some of them admitting that the high cost of the imported rice pushed them to embrace the local rice despite the fact that the locally produced rice is usually mixed with stones thereby making the preparation process painstaking compared to the ones produced abroad. 
However, the high nutritional value of the local rice has also been listed as some of the reasons for the recent high demand in the Nigerian grown food. 
Rice dealers have said the foreign rice is now purchased by customers planning to host events. 
So what kind of Rice would you buy this festive season, whichever you finally go for, ensure not to buy the adulterated products. Some online videos had revealed the possibility of melting plastics and other items to produce what could pass as rice from face value.
The authorities have never spoken up on the situation but have always promised to ensure products safe for human consumption are sold in Nigerian Markets.

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