Harmattan Survival Kit and Tips; How To Survive Harmattan In Nigeria

The long awaited harmattan season is finally upon us. At some point, we thought climate change had dealt a big blow on us by keeping at bay this dusty, hot yet chilly wind. Now harmattan is here and we are excited but let us not forget that this season has its pros and cons.

Our skin, eyes and respiratory tract most vulnerable to the effects of this weather. The skin suffers dryness with accompanying cracking of lips, soles of the feet and sometimes the skin itself. The eyes also suffer from the abundance of dust particles carried along by the winds, thus itching, foreign body sensations and redness may be common especially in those with allergic eye diseases. A lot of diseases are easily triggered due to this change in weather and lots of care must be taken to avoid fatal consequences. ALSO READ; HOW TO KEEP A HEALTHY FRO THIS HARMATTAN

Here are some survival tips you may need to brace this weather.
Drink plenty of Water.
It’s normal to become dehydrated and get thirsty very easily at this time, so avoid carbonated drinks and juices but rather drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day as this will help keep your whole body system working properly.

Lip balm and moisturizers.
Always have a lip balm and moisturizer in your bag, pocket or somewhere easily accessible. Apply the balm on your lip and the moisturizer on the skin when any of them are starting to get dry.

The harmattan is cold and breezy can leave your skin cracked and ashy. During this period, moisture is lost from the skin faster than usual hence to ensure a healthy skin, it is wise to keep your body oil close as it comes handy. Coconut oil is usually a go-to at times like this, It helps in moisturising the skin and hair. You can either pour a few drops in your bathing water or mix it with my body cream.

Hair oil and serum
Your hair requires moisture to keep it healthy. even your weaves and natural hair needs some attention too. The hair serum gives weaves some shine and also helps to lock in moisture. you should never leave your hair undone.Take extra care if you have respiratory conditions
Asthma patients or those with chronic respiratory conditions should pay special attention to their health and take all possible and practicable measures to reduce exposure to the dusty atmosphere and they should carry their inhalers with them at all times.
Keep warm always
The weather is usually really bright and hot in the afternoon but could get very cold at night. To be on the safer side, put on warm clothing when going to bed at night.

Be careful of fires
Don’t forget that harmattan is also the season when we have the most fire accidents. Fire should not be left unattended at any cost. This would help to avoid indiscriminate burning during this season.

Survival Kit
* Nose Mask
* Sweater of scarves
* Lip balm
* Vaseline
* Body oil and moisturizers
* Thick socks
* Head warmers (if you are going to really cold areas like Jos and Obudu in Cross-River)
* Drugs for flu (Cough and carrtah)

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