Frank Edwards; The Poster Boy For Nigerian Gospel Music

Frank Edwards; The Poster Boy For Nigerian Gospel Music

Frank Ugochukwu Edwards popularly known as Frank Edwards is a household name. Everybody both Christians and Muslims, young and old alike know of him and can recognize his music from a distance.

Frank Edwards is one of the few people who helped redefined Nigerian gospel music. His recent collaboration with Don Meon and Nathaniel Bassey was off the charts. The album Frankincense topped Beyonce’s and Adele’s albums within few hours of release on iTunes album chart

Frank Edwards in conjunction with American Gospel singer Don Moen releases a 6-track album titled “Grace”. This album is a confluence of sounds from both musicians. Don Meon is one of the great Gospel artistes who shaped Nigeria’s earliest brush with new-age worship music as his songs penetrated the country in the 90s. Frank Edwards is a contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and recording artist from Enugu State and seen to be a poster boy for modern Christian songs.

When you listen to the album you can easily conclude that this collaboration is one if the best we have ever seen. We see an infusion of two cultures, the Igbo, and the Western mix. 

Ultimately “Grace” EP is a symbolic addition to this generation of Christian worship songs and elevates both Frank Edwards and his message of light and reverence.
At the recently concluded “The Experience” Nigerians were in awe. It is not every day we see Don Meon live and singing in Igbo.

Frank Edwards has come a long way in reshaping gospel music. The same message but with a creative sound and proper packaging. Whoever first called him the poster boy for Nigerian Hip Christian Movement was just right. His music is a definition of when cool meets Christ.

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