7 Proper Etiquette To Ensure You Have The Best Nightclub Experience

7 Proper Etiquette To Ensure You Have The Best Nightclub Experience

Night Life is one one lifestyle that can never be done away with. This transcends in both rural and urban areas. Bush bars and Nightclubs usually get higher patronage at night and weekends. After a stressful week, one may want to indulge in a night of drinking and dancing hard. 
This is where the Nightclubs come to the rescue. But as with any other thing, even the nightclub has its set of etiquettes. Going to nightclubs would be a lot more enjoyable if people knew how to behave properly.
1Drinking to stupor
You are in a place where it is easy to let your guard down and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist so it is very easy to get carried away. If you are going to drive yourself home or sort your transportation yourself then you should consider drinking moderately so that your senses do not get dulled. However, if you are with friends then you can drink as much as you want but the driver should remain sober.
2. Gate pass/ Dress Code
Many nightclubs have a certain dress code or a gate pass which you should know of to avoid embarrassment. Those bouncers with huge biceps are there for a reason and can throw out a defaulting person on their shoulders. To avoid that you know what to do.

3. Refusing to dance
The club is not a place for observing others while sipping your drink. To get the best out of the club you have to step on the dance floor and shake your body to the tunes blaring from the big speakers. For the ladies, guys will always come around to ask for a dance. It is better to accept gladly or politely reject their request. You will not like to know what happens if you rudely reject a dance request. And even though you have to dance please do not dance aggressively and scare everyone away.

4. Do not do what you are not sure of
Even though the club is free for all and a place to let go of your inhibitions, you have to be careful not to be influenced to try everything you see people doing. 

5. Don’t Take Pictures 
Most nightclubs are dark. Do you know what it’s like to go from being in a dark room to having your eyes exposed to a bright, stabbing light? Yeah, it sucks. Even though you may want to document every memory but some drunk memories shouldn’t have physical evidence. Make most of the evening and keep the flashing lights away.
6. Don’t get into fights
 Because violence is for losers. Use your words. Keep your cool. Just walk away. A night is pretty much ruined when a fight breaks out. The tension rises and you guys probably to deal with the club and subsequently the cops. This isn’t the stone age anymore where you got to defend your honor with your fists or fingernails.
7. Hitting on other women
If you want to survive a nightclub without a scratch to your body or emotion it is better to go with your woman than hitting on other women especially if they are with their partners. If you are going solo try finding someone who is too or stick to your solo party. Better still go with friends.

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