Experience The Port Harcourt Edition Of ‘Grill and Read’

Experience The Port Harcourt Edition Of ‘Grill and Read’

Saturday, 29th of October, 2016 was all lit when the Grill and Read train arrived Port Harcourt. It was a beautiful evening of thrilling poetry performances and book discussions. 

The Port Harcourt edition is the second after Lagos and attracted a lot of the Literature community in Rivers State.

During one of the book discussions, Marcus Chuks a Nollywood producer compared Chinua Achebe’s classic ‘Things Fall Apart’ to the screen adaptation.

Marcus Chuks

“Chinua Achebe brought African Literature to the limelight with Things Fall Apart. We were able to see through Okonkwo;s eyes that Africans are not savages. In every adaptation of a book into the screen, there is always the challenge of misinterpretation of the story, the infusion of too many details or the exclusion of some details. The 1980 adaptation of Things Fall Apart was beautifully done but was burdened with trying to capture almost every detail from the book. But in all, it was a success and one that would not be forgotten in a hurry. The cast and crew did such a wonderful job that Pete Edochie who play the role of Okonkwo is still remembered for that.”

In another panel discussion, the panelists discussed the question if every story should have a moral or societal message. The panel was made up of   Ifeanyi Ajaegbo, Merit Gogo-Fyneface, Franklyn Finecountry and Othuke Ominiabohs.

(L-R)  Ifeanyi Ajaegbo, Othuke Ominiabohs Merit Gogo-Fyneface, Franklyn Finecountry

In a chat with Abigal Anaba, the organizer. She emphasized on the need of the writer not to neglect his readers.

“Grill and Read was born out of the need to create a commi=unity of readers. People who enjoy reading and have fun doing so. Most book clubs are made up of writers, but I want to see a network of readers. I believe the writer’s first obligation is to his readers. Once you have an audience that would read your book, not regarding the genre then you should always have them at the back of your mind. Do not write for the critic or for reviews or even for that literary prize. Write to tell your story. Write to capture your audience and never be apologetic for your writing style”

Abigail Anaba

Grill and read in Port Harcourt was a wonderful experience as it provided an environment for lovers of Literature to interact and network while eating grilled food.

Yes! There was bole and fish. Abuja is next up and is sure to be another wonder.

See Photos Below: 

Dominic Onesi


Franklyne Ikediasor, Othuke Ominiabohs

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