These Habits Are So Common, You Are Probably Guilty of Them

These Habits Are So Common, You Are Probably Guilty of Them

The first half of the year is gone, and now we’ve started out on the second half. One thing everyone can do is to check their New Year resolutions and see how far they’ve gone with keeping to them. New Year resolutions consist of many things, especially things people would like to change about themselves. If you’ve found yourself in a habit that doesn’t seem to please you, you probably have added it as part of your resolutions, and, oh, so many times.

Breaking habits takes time and a great deal of efforts. So if you have not been able to keep up with your resolve, now is time to pick up again and begin working on those things. Your personal list may be different based on your own challenges, but here are some of the most common habits people exhibit. Some don’t seem so harmful, but for a healthier lifestyle, it is still important to make the adjustments.

Missing breakfast

It is easy to do this. All you have to do is wake up every morning with your mind set on things to do, and the haste with which you want to rush at them. Then you forget to take something as you dive into your jobs and tasks. However, the breakfast is believed by many to be the most important meal of the day. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be much. Better small than nothing. So, halt and take something. And start doing that every day.

Staying up late

The best part of the TV shows seem to all happen at night. More so, you are probably busy all day, and the night is when you have to get some entertainment. Good. But always staying up late will also mean other things, like getting little or no sleep (and rest), or waking up late in the morning.

Eating all the way

Some persons would rather spend the day eating snacks at different intervals, and wouldn’t make out time to sit for a proper meal. If you are like that, it is time to change. Eating as a way to spend your idle time, while watching the TV, or to feel good, should also be avoided. It is better to have three balanced meals each day. Fruits are a better choice in between meals.

Always on the phone

While we may think the phone and internet have helped us socialise more, especially with the high figures on our friends list and followership, truth remains that always being stock with our phones actually keeps us away from the realities around us. You become distant and uninteresting to those around you, and lose touch with those who really matter (or matter more). When with people, try to keep the phone down and get involved. Enjoy the moments as they come.

Too much games

Sitting on games for extended hours is unhealthy. Just like the phone, you are lost in a virtual world, and it has so much health implications to the point of death, as have been recorded in several cases. Get more involved with the world around you. Play with real people. Interact. Go for walks. Read books. Spice up your activities so you don’t spend long hours on games.

Too much TV

Phones, games, and TV are all related. They make you live a more sedentary life, which is not healthy for you. There are many other ways to spend your time than getting glued to the TV, and even healthier and more productive ways. Find a new hobby. Learn a new skill. Try out a new recipe from a cook book. Do things that get you more engaged physically and mentally.

Biting your nails

It is unhealthy for you, and will also spoil the way your fingers and the skin around them look. If you are inclined to doing this, you can find other ways to break the habit. Chew gums instead. Keep a nail cutter close and always trim your nails so there’s nothing to chew.

Picking your nose

It is considered unhealthy, and being caught in the public is embarrassing. And subtly, it can consume a lot of time, as some persons spend close to 30 minutes or more each day picking their nose. To stop this, you can begin each day by cleaning your nose properly at home, and do same in the evening. 


This one is well known as a bad one, and we all strive to work on it. But even then, many still put off working on it for another time. So it is time to do it now. In order not to procrastinate, always work with a to-do list. Set deadlines to tasks. Get at them and discipline yourself to finishing. Take breaks in between tasks, and try to make your tasks enjoyable. In that case, you wouldn’t put them off.

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