These Accessories Will Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

These Accessories Will Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Are you a gadget freak? Looking for ways to optimise your experience with your mobile devices? Or maybe you have a friend who is, and you’d like to surprise them with a gift they’ll really love. In any way, here are some accessories you will really love with your smartphone. They will help you enjoy your device even better.

Zoom lens

An optical zoom lens allows you 8X zoom for your smartphone’s camera. It helps you achieve what your phone camera cannot by default. 

Solar charger

You can take advantage of the sunlight and get your phone charged off it with a solar charger. The solar technology is fast improving and getting more reliable. It is easy to find its use for rechargeable lamps, laptop chargers, lightings, and more. Phones are not left out.

Selfie flashlight

Most phone front cameras don’t have flash, in case you want to take a selfie in a dark place. A selfie flash light is just a good solution to that problem.


If you are for the games, then you should know it doesn’t have to be on a PC before you can enjoy gaming with a gamepad. 

Wireless Sports/Running Bluetooth Earbuds

android accessories

If you need something to hit the gym with or for running, then the SoundPEATS Qy7 earbuds is what you need. With up to six hours of play time, this sweat-proof earphone offers clean audio for your listening pleasure.

Gadget Bag

Your phone/tablet, an earpiece, a power bank, USB cables, etc.; all that means having much to carry about most of the time and much to look out for. A gadget bag will help you organise everything in one place, whether you are going out or you just want to have them in your drawer. 

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